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7 body armor, a ton of buckwheat or bus stop: in Ukraine felt that you can buy instead of iPhone 6s

In Russia because of the crisis, the iPhone has become an unattainable dream for many. And even despite the strengthening of the ruble in recent weeks, Apple is in no hurry to rewrite the price tags. Buying brand new iPhone and laying out for him a fabulous sum of money, few people think that they could buy instead.

In neighbouring Ukraine the flagship smartphones of Apple the price from 599 UAH 22 also remain inaccessible for many users. Local users have calculated that it is useful they can purchase for the money.

1. Vest “Corsair M-3” – 3 000 UAH 7 pieces or helmets by 230 UAH (98 pieces)

2. 904 kg buckwheat porridge

3. VAZ 2106

Soviet VAZ 2106 1986 release – 22 247 USD. If not for themselves then for their grandparents to the country what we need.

4. 90 tablets with names of streets

5. 18 cots or 88 packs of diapers (64 pieces in a pack).

That will always be relevant. Especially in orphanages. Want to help – here is another simple and noble way, say the authors notes.

6. 7 wheelchairs

For some it is far from impossible. For some, only part of the payment for the iPhone.

7. Treadmill

8. Motor boat

Just imagine – summer, the sun, the Dnieper river, and by boat in the company of friends. Heaven on earth.

9. Bus stop

It is, no matter how ridiculous that sounded. Mafy barricaded almost all traffic stop.

10. Children’s Playground

22 000 UAH – the price of children’s happiness.

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