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69 how to add new Emoji from iOS 11 on iPhone and iPad with iOS 10

Among the innovations of the iOS operating system 11 will be 69 new symbols Emoji. In March, the Unicode consortium added pictograms in Unicode 10. A little trick allows to use the new Emoji on iPhone and iPad right now, without waiting for the release of the new OS.

IOS 11 iPhone and iPad users waiting for 69 new Emoji. “The Unicode consortium” reserved space for new icons, including some fantastic characters, dinosaurs and gender-neutral emoticons.

The list includes several creatures — vampires, elves, mermaids, genies and zombies; they’ll all be featured in female and male versions. Besides, there will be Emoji broccoli, cake, fortune cookie, dumpling, sandwich and other food icons. Also the set will include Emoji climbers, yogis, flying saucer, canned tomatoes in their own juice, the steak and the brain.

At the moment we do not have access to the iOS 11, but emojis that will appear in the new edition of the operating system that you use now. If you want to use the new icons, it is possible, both in iOS 10 and iOS 9 without jailbreak.

Step 1: Navigate from an iPhone or iPad to the page It contains all 69 new Emoji.

Step 2: the List of emoticons is located in the center of the page. Copy them to the clipboard by selecting the icons along with the text and pressing “Copy”.

Step 3: Roll the Safari and open the standard Notes app.

Step 4: Create a new entry and paste the contents from the clipboard.

Step 5: the New Emoji will appear in the note. Copy any emoticon, and then paste in iMessage.

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Trick trick only works with iMessage and other messengers new emojis are not yet supported.

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