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68-year-old Briton has filed a lawsuit against Apple for deleting pictures and contacts on iPhone

Mobile devices can fail, become victims of hackers or malicious software. In anticipation of such troubles, you should attend to doing regular backups that are in poor outcome can be recovered. 68-the summer inhabitant of the UK-Derek white such foresight did not show, lost their data and has sued Apple.

According to the plaintiff, on its iPhone 5 received a test notification that his unit is defective. What kind of message is it is not specified – we know that Apple devices do not show diagnostic errors. Perhaps we are talking about SMS-newsletter or spam e-mails. Be that as it may, the British took smartphone repair in the Central Apple Store in London on Regent street.

Apple took the smartphone for diagnosis. When white returned for the device, he was told that the problem is solved. Then asked, did it make a backup of their data. It turned out that backups white didn’t have. In the end, the iPhone data were lost and from the London Apple store business he moved to the London court.

As part of its claim, the white Apple demanded a compensation of 5000 pounds (about $7500) for the loss of personal photos and videos from held in Seychelles honeymoon and accumulated over the course of 15 years contacts.

It should be noted that one of the prerequisite in receiving the iPhone in the Apple Store is the complete destruction of data on the device. The only fault of Apple employees is that they did not warn the British.

Claim consideration is appointed to December of this year.

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