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62% of users of the Apple Watch are planning to buy a second-generation model

The fashion for “smart” watches is gaining momentum. It is believed that the first representative of this family was manufactured by Samsung. In an effort to outpace Apple the South Korean manufacturer hastily showed his vision of the wearable device. For Samsung followed by Sony, LG and even Huawei, who could not stay away, though none of them was able to offer “must have”model. And here on the market came Apple with the Apple Watch in various modifications.

A survey among the owners of Apple Watch demonstrates a high level of satisfaction of owners of the device. In particular, three of the five users plan to upgrade to buy a smart watch second generation. This is evidenced by the study conducted by the analytical company Fluent 2 578 among Americans.

According to the survey, over 62% of users of Apple Watch are going to be updated on the model of the second generation. While iPhone owners that have no “smart” hours from Apple, are considering buying the gadget in the next 12 months. The main reason why people have not purchased the device, they cited the cost of the gadget.

The most popular functions of an electronic bracelet Apple are monitoring health, sport achievements, as well as view notifications (79%). Next in popularity are listening to music (75%) and correspondence in the mail and messengers (66%). Less Apple Watch is used as a Navigator, for games and purchases with Apple Pay.

Apple is promoting the Apple Watch as the device from which you can order a taxi, pay for purchases or to check the schedule. Studies show, however, that while the majority of the holders of a novelty still prefer to check the time and view notifications.

Of course, this does not mean that use cases the Apple Watch won’t change. Much depends not only from Apple but also from developers who can bring in the experience of using the device for something new.

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