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6 years later after the release of the iPad remains a key product for Apple

Six years ago Steve jobs presented the first iPad. During this time, the tablet has evolved from one product to a whole range of devices with different form factors, accessories, and price tags. IPad sales peaked two years ago and continue to decline, despite the launch of iPad Pro. What the future hold for Apple?

To start is to look at the sales of iPads in the last quarter of 2015. In three months Apple sold 16.1 million tablets — three times more than Macs. But that was in the same period a year ago? Then Apple managed to sell 21.4 million iPads. And two years ago tablets were sold even more — 26 million If you look at the annual sales of the iPad, statistics Malaguena: 74,2 million in 2013, 63.2 million in 2014 and 49.4 in 2015. Quarterly sales of the iPad since its launch schedule shows Nona Fortt from CNBC.

In 2012, Apple introduced the 7.9-inch iPad Mini. Releasing a device with a new design and “stuffing” of the previous generation, Apple decided to go in a lower price segment. In November 2015 the company released an iPad Pro with a 12.9-inch display, turning the classic 9.7-inch tablet device in the medium size. Perhaps the new iPad is sold at a good rate for a new device, but in any case it is not enough to change the dynamics of the entire line of tablets.

In addition to ordinary customers, Apple is focused on corporate clients. A particularly fruitful company cooperates with IBM, replacing the old PC to tablets and releasing hundreds of business applications for iOS, watchOS and OS X.

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9.3 starting from iOS, Apple changes its policy of “one device per user” in the iPad in educational institutions. On this step the company had to go due to severe competition with cheaper “chromocene”. With the same purpose, Apple releases an app for teachers called Classroom.

For the first time in its history, Apple used the introduction of the program “chips” as a sales tool the iPad. The fact is that appeared in iOS 9 modes picture-in-picture, Split View and Slide Over only work on the new iPad models. One of the reasons why the company had to take such a step, was a long update cycle tablets: many users are happy with Apple’s tablet, even purchased a few years ago.

During the presentation of the first iPad, Steve jobs explained that the tablet needed to be more comfortable than on the iPhone and Mac view websites, photos and read email books. But with the improvement software, iPhone 6s Plus and 12-inch MacBook between all devices increasingly erased installed in 2010 face. Today the iPad won’t completely replace my work computer, but no one will deny that this can happen in the next six years.

Six years in high-tech world is an eternity. Just think about how the iPad has changed since its inception. If Apple continues to improve iOS in the tablet 10, then the iPad will remain a really important device for company business.

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