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6-year-old American bought pokemon for $250 by confirming the purchase on the iPhone fingerprint sleeping mother

Biometric security system on iPhone and iPad with built-in fingerprint scanner Touch ID seems reliable third-party intervention. However, there are simple ways to get around: the child in the United States was able to make a transaction for $ 250, despite the fact that the smartphone his parents were protected with Touch ID.

6-year-old Ashland Howell got really into pokemon, but her mother Bethany refused to buy the daughter a plush pocket monsters. She snuck into the room of his sleeping mother and pressed her finger on the fingerprint scanner Touch ID on the iPhone. Thus she gained access to all the information on the mobile device. Then the cute little girl opened the Amazon app and ordered 13 pokemon for the sum of $ 250.

When Bethany discovered the disappearance of money, initially thought that her smartphone was hacked. But then little Ashling said, “Mom, don’t worry. I did. The parcel will come soon.”

The online store has allowed the return of only four pokemon from 13, so the mother decided to give her daughter the rest of pocket monsters for Christmas. To Ashland not waiting for new gifts from Santa, Bethany said he found out about her act and decided not to bring her new toys.

This case demonstrates a major vulnerability in the so-called biometric methods of identification. Security systems based on fingerprints, will never be as strong as passwords. Especially considering the fact that the information located on the fingertips, unlike the code combinations of the characters that are physically available.

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