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6 ways to save money buying devices for smart homes

Buy gadgets for smart homes – not a cheap pleasure. The same switch is 100-200 rubles, while for his “clever” counterpart will have to pay at least 1500 rubles. At first it seems that buying such devices is expensive and pointless, but in the future they will allow you to save a lot of money.

1. Energy-efficient LED-lamps

If you buy a “smart” light bulb, you buy energy-efficient led solutions. LED lighting is a technology of the future, because such devices will last much longer with minimal energy consumption.

According to the Ministry of energy, led light bulb 60 watt consumes 75% to 80% less energy than 60-watt incandescent light bulb. The operating time to failure is 25 000 hours, while the incandescent lamp is able to work only about 1000 hours. Think about what you spend more on electricity for conventional bulbs, rather than the “smart” lamp.

It should also be noted that the led lamps are not heated to too high temperatures. May seem silly, however, if you have a house a few dozen bulbs, it will affect the overall temperature of the air, and this means additional costs for air conditioning.

Philips Hue is a great starter solution that is compatible with Apple HomeKit.

2. Energy efficient thermostat

If you live in a private house, the purchase of a “smart” thermostat is a reasonable solution for several reasons.

First, such devices easier to control the temperature in the house. Instead of just serve as a thermometer, a “smart” thermostat is able to give recommendations about when to reduce the heating to save on the utility bill.

One of the best devices in this category – Ecobee3. The device consists of several sensors that wirelessly transmit information about the temperature at the base of the Ecobee. It should be noted that Ecobee is compatible with HomeKit, so you can use the product with the help of Siri, as well as with other automation systems.

3. Remote control

“I left the light on in the kitchen?” The lights, fan, speakers and other devices when you are out is a serious blow to the wallet. Even if you use energy efficient lamp, why light should illuminate just like that? With smart home you don’t have to worry about not turned off the light in the kitchen and faster to hurry home, because you can solve all problems with your iPhone.

If you often forget to turn off such a potentially dangerous device as a heater or electric hair dryer, remote control system is a necessity. Adding a plug with a Wi-Fi enabled between the device, which can cause a fire, and the outlet will provide an additional layer of protection in your home.

At the moment, all compatible with HomeKit plugs most noteworthy Elgato Eve Energy and the iDevices Switch. In the latter case, you not only get connected to the Network “smart” outlet, but also a night light.

4. Control of energy consumption

Do you know which device consumes how much energy? Probably, it is possible to approximately consider, but if you need accurate information, without multiple “smart” modules is not enough.

Most smart plugs offer the function of tracking of electricity. So, for example, the previously mentioned Switch iDevices and Elgato Eve with appropriate applications on your smartphone to help keep track of how much each device consumes energy and can even roughly estimate the costs.

Elgato sells a “smart” outlet under the name Eve Energy with detailed information about electricity. The app will show how many you will spend money for the year, for today, and total energy consumption. In addition, it will show the amperage and voltage.

Unlike iDevices, Eve Energy uses for communication interface Bluetooth.

5. Monitoring products

Did you know that today, even the refrigerator can be connected to the Internet? It is really so. That can offer a modern “smart” refrigerator?

If you ever come to the store and forgot whether you need to buy milk, then this device will come to the rescue. Manufacturers of smart refrigerators are inserted is connected to the Network camera through which you can remotely look at the products available. You can check how much is left of the milk and freshness of carrots whether you want to buy dumplings or juice.

Of course, there is some doubt about the fact that the purchase of extra milk quickly offset the cost of “smart” device. However, if you were thinking about buying a refrigerator, take a look at the smart versions.

6. Cheaper options for security

If you’ve ever wondered about the safety of your home, you probably know that buying the corresponding system can be costly.

Forget about space prices. Modern technology offers a less expensive and more secure solution. You can remotely monitor everything that happens in your house with compact cameras with microphones, speakers and sirens close to the house to monitor doors and Windows with sensors. It’s all the same appliances that you could ever buy at an exorbitant price, but they are now more affordable and simple.

For security you can look for a camera Nest Cam, which is automatically activated when the owners are not home, a smart lock and the August Smart Lock call and the Doorbell and the Elgato Eve sensors Motion.

Receiving notices about the movements in the house, you can at any time remotely check what is happening. A smart lock allows you to make sure the door is locked and the call in turn sends you a notification that you came to visit.

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