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6 simple ways to improve your Mac

Edition of MacLife has decided to remind users about simple ways to speed up Mac on New year’s eve.

These simple steps will help to improve the performance and free space on the hard drive:

  • No extra apps!

Many users have never used iMovie, which, incidentally, takes about 2 GB of disk space. If you sort the list of installed applications by size, you can find unnecessary and large-scale program to without regret to remove them.

  • located in download

The Downloads folder should be cleaned regularly, because there is accumulated all downloaded Safari files.

  • update backup devices

Backups are important, but there is no point of keeping a very old version. Looking at the Devices tab in iTunes and clearing the stale data, you can make room for a fresh backup.

  • to remove iPhoto

Apple no longer supports this service, and all the pictures have been moved to the Photos app. To make room, need to move valuable pictures to external media, and to remove the excess.

  • move the installers macOS

Usually the installation files disappear on their own after the updates. But if something has been set manually, need to move a bootable copy on a third-party drive and delete large files.

  • timely cleaning of the basket

Files in the recycle bin take up space on the hard disk. To empty the trash, click the trash icon, hold ctrl button and from the appeared menu choose “empty recycle bin”.

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