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6 reasons to work at Apple

From discounts on technology and pending motherhood. Why many think that Apple is a dream employer?

It is no secret that major international IT-companies are increasingly developing incredible ways to encourage staff. Today the motivation of the team is far more than insurance and free Lunches in the office. The portal Business Insider has figured out how Apple cares about the comfort of the work of their employees. To do this, the journalists appealed to the Glassdoor website, resource where employees of various companies to anonymously share their opinions about their employers. Satisfaction rating Apple — 4.5 stars out of 5.

Business Insider has compiled a list of 6 of the most interesting bonuses that are given to employees when applying for a job at Apple.

1. Discounts on products

According to Glassdoor, Apple employees once a year can enjoy a discount of 25% on the purchase of an iPod, computer or iPad. Every three years they get a discount of $ 250 when you purchase an iPad and $ 500 when you purchase a Mac. All software produced by the company, the employees can purchase for half the price. Apple also offers discounts to family members and friends.

2. Paid maternity leave

The company provides mothers four weeks paid leave before childbirth and fourteen weeks maternity leave after. Young families without children, the company pays for six weeks of vacation annually.

3. The possibility of delayed motherhood

Apple took care of those who for whatever reason are not ready or do not want to have children. The company signed contacts with companies that provide services for cryogenic freezing healthy eggs, which gives the opportunity to give birth in the future. This is a very expensive procedure, which costs in the U.S. reaching $ 10,000. However, in Cupertino appreciate health and family welfare of their employees and all expenses are fully paid.

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4. The concerts of world famous stars

Beer and snacks in the corporate bar are nothing compared to concerts of world stars such as Stevie wonder, demi Lovato and OneRepublic.

5. Memberships at health clubs

Employees of one of the company’s offices in new York, said that they paid a subscription to a fitness center. The annual visit is about $ 300.

6. Paid holidays for beginners

All new Apple employees receive twelve weeks of paid leave. The reviews on Glassdoor States that vacation days over time becomes even more.

The impression that working at Apple is a dream job. For someone it is, but someone is willing to give up your career in one of the best technological companies in the world, and anyone who does go to Google.

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