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6 paid apps that are temporarily give a gift

Talk about the latest discounts in the Apple app store.

All apps are free for only a limited amount of time.


It is a powerful organizer and Automator-in-one. The application is a custom Board with the required user information. As for Workflow in Automator in Alloy you can create the programmed actions and activate them with one touch. For example, to send an SMS to multiple contacts, search, next, convert currencies and so on.

Download The

Wallpaper Generator

Free can download app for fans to frequently change Wallpaper on the desktop of your smartphone. Wallpaper Generator creates striking abstract images that can be used as background images for their devices. In the app there is nothing superfluous. A simple tool that is needed not for everyone, but fans of diversity, it is necessary.

Download Wallpaper Generator

Calorie Wallet

Minimal and beautiful app to monitor the consumed and burned calories. The app looks like a basic financial calculator. The user enters the number of calories that he is ready to consume and gradually consume them, eating something or gaining exercises. In the end, the relationship between the user and the application turn into a normal person with a piggy Bank. All uneaten daily calories are stored and transferred the next day. So you can save them to feast to the soul to eat.

Download Calorie Wallet

Flying UFO

Simple and uncomplicated game about UFOs in the style of Flappy Bird. Classic gameplay in which the player will have to carefully observe the walls of the tunnel and Dodge them changing the position of a flying saucer. The whole process is controlled with one finger. In the best tradition of the notorious Flappy Bird and its analogues.

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Download Flying UFO


App for text formatting. The developers advertise it as a great product for those who are bored with the classic format of correspondence. Twisted turns typed text and changes its direction. Why is it someone can nedobitka unknown. But if you have a suggestion, so the demand is also available.

Download Twisted

Halftone Pic

App that turns any picture into a spectacular retro-operate the effect of Halftone Art. This manner of processing has a very rich history, but it is very stylish so far. Grayscale images really stay with you, and therefore the Halftone Pic will need anyone who wants to make their photographs more varied and attractive.

Download Halftone Pic

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