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6 most anticipated features that we are unlikely to see in iPhone 8

Lately all the attention focused on future Apple smartphones, which have become a breath of fresh air for owners of “Apple” smartphones. Of most interest from a technical point of view is the flagship smartphone iPhone 8 which will be released simultaneously with the iPhone 7s iPhone 7s Plus. Users expect new, different kind of innovation, but now we can make a list of features that we just do not see in the next generation of Apple’s smartphone.

1. More capacious battery

The desire of Jonathan Ive and his team to fit all the components in a more elegant iPhone case is commendable. According to rumors, the thickness of the smartphones will range from 6 to 6.5 mm. It is great for the connoisseurs of aesthetics Quince, but many fans of the brand would agree to a thicker device, but with a more capacious battery.

2. Autofocus Dual Pixel

Camera smartphone Galaxy S7 is equipped with technology ultrafast phase autofocusing Dual Pixel. This technology came from the world of cameras. And for the first time realized Canon digital SLR camera EOS 70D three years ago. In this aspect, the iPhone 8 will most certainly lose the camera Galaxy. Especially noticeable the difference will be visible when shooting in low-light conditions. Apple needs to please the users of this technology, but there’s no indication that this will occur during the presentation of the iPhone 8.

3. Expandable memory

As is known, the initial amount of memory in the iPhone 7 increased up to 32 GB. In some cases, smartphones and tablets it is not enough for the average user. But Apple would never add in iPhone support for microSD cards, suggesting to look in the direction of more expensive smartphones, or to make regular contributions for the use of a proprietary cloud.

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4. Wireless charging long-range

There are several technologies for electric power transmission by air, including with laser, sonic waves and other methods. But the commercial one is the only one — the electromagnetic induction. Last year began to appear the rumors about Apple partnership with Energous company develops WattUP wireless charging range. Went the assumption that with it iPhone 8 can be charged within a radius of 5 meters. However, a recent study Copperfield Research casts doubt on these rumors. Experts claim that Apple is working on its own wireless charging technology for future devices. It will not work at a distance, but in Cupertino will offer some interesting ways of implementing traditional inductive charging, including charging devices from each other.

5. Unlimited cloud for photos and videos

Flagship smartphones of Google in addition to the basic innovations can boast of a unique feature in the form of unlimited storage full-size photos and video in 4K in Google Photos. All pictures taken on the device are saved in the cloud and accessible from any device. In addition, it provides the optimize memory feature, which automatically transfers have not opened files to the cloud, to avoid cluttering your device’s internal memory. Do not expect such a “gift” from Apple: the maximum that the company will offer owners of the new iPhone is the increase of free storage in iCloud, which now is only 5 GB.

6. Support for two SIM-cards

Although the iPhone 8 will present in September, rumors about the new product coming on to the Network with enviable regularity. According to one source, this year Apple will release a model with two SIM-cards. In fact, this information is nothing more than a rumor based on a patent application Apple. The company registers its name a variety of technologies, but only a small part comes to real products. Although, admittedly, supporters of the iPhone 8 with two SIM-cards there is a strong reason: in developing markets of India, Brazil and China, which has an eye to Apple, demand a phone that combines two SIM cards.

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