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6 functions of Android-smartphone, which is not enough iPhone 6

Mobile platform iOS already relatively Nova appearing in 2007, simultaneously with the release of the first iPhone (then called iPhone OS), it managed to significantly grow and Mature. But all these years, she lacked something. Support for third-party apps, copy and paste, notification and multitasking — these functions eventually managed to wait. But there are features that are lacking in iOS so far, and not the fact that their Apple ever implements.

Browsers Glafi our six functions that are not available to owners of iPhone, but there are even in the cheapest Chinese Android phone. Not to extend to infinity field of comparison, in this case we are not talking about special tricks, including running jailbreak or install custom firmware. Only normal factory settings, official program and standard functions.

Automatic recording of calls

Rising star of the mobile industry, Xiaomi has sold more than 35 million smartphones in just the first half of 2015. The company owes its success not only to the successful combination of price and performance of the devices, but the UI of MIUI, which is often compared to iOS. It offers the feature which is not obtainable on your iPhone without using jailbreak, but on smartphones Xiaomi it is by default. We are talking about automatic call recording in high quality, which can be useful if the conversation is important or necessary to preserve any details.

Protection from pocket dialing

And again Xiaomi. Shell company helps the owners to avoid unpleasant situations, when the gadget in your pocket, spontaneously unlocks and starts to send messages of unknown content contacts list or send weird statuses on the social network. Implemented this feature just the proximity sensor detects something in close proximity to and blocks the function of the gadget.

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Setting power modes

In iOS 9, Apple has added the power saving mode, the ability to add three hours to standard time using the iPhone. However, on some Android devices, there are options allowing you to fine-tune the economy mode. The owners of the iPhone there is no complete freedom of control over “low power Mode”.

Sort apps alphabetically

Smart phone users are downloading a lot of apps and iPhone 6 users have to search long for the desired, endlessly flipping through the pages of the desktop or remembering the exact name of the utility for Spotlight. The easiest solution is to sort alphabetically, which is what many manufacturers of phones, including Sony.


The iOS interface is considered to be the epitome of refined elegance. But if the iPhone owner got bored, he can’t try something new, such as an Android user, who can a few dozen decent launcher. With their help you can drastically change not only the appearance but also the behavior of the mobile device. You can change the icons, the number of desktops, added or removed the launcher, configure the device responds to touch and events, and more. Users iPhone without jailbreak deprived of all this.

Double tap to lock

Double tap to lock and unlock the phone — a very useful feature of smartphones from LG and HTC, especially in the case of large models, when to reach for the power button is not always convenient. Unfortunately, the iPhone doesn’t support this feature, although the flagships of 2014 is not the most compact.

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