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6 features Android missing iPhone 6s

Recently we published an article about the reasons why you will not be able to replace your iPhone on Android smartphone. But everyone has different tastes, and the perfect system, as we know, does not exist. So it would be unfair to pass by to Android, which lacks the Apple smartphones.

Large selection of models

One aspect that gives Android a significant advantage over iOS – a variety of models. Last year Apple released two new devices – the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. How many “phones” in the last year? Counting is not easy. Of course, among Android-new products very often come across not the best, but they are designed for users with a limited budget that Apple is prohibitively far. As for the flagship devices with advanced hardware the Samsung Galaxy S6, Sony Xperia Z4, HTC One M9, LG G4. And this is only the tip of the iceberg, because you can dig a little deeper, remembering the Chinese brands.

The screen resolution

Display iPhone great? Yes. Bright, saturated colors? Yes. High quality picture? Yes! But the fact that displays some Android smartphones even better. Once the Retina display was considered the benchmark. The same Super AMOLED from Samsung on a number of parameters surpasses the Apple screens. The difference between a display with a resolution of 720p in the iPhone 6s and Galaxy S6 2K in visible to the eye.

In addition, Apple is faced with a problem not faced by other manufacturers — the need to allocate space under the screen for the main mechanical buttons. The company could use the oblong button with the fingerprint scanner or positioned on the rear side of the smartphone, as Samsung and Huawei. But such a move would have a negative impact on ergonomics. Anyone who was holding a Galaxy S6 or the Huawei smartphones will confirm this.

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In addition, the Apple phone is quite large for such screens. Some models for any more compact housings, they offer identical or even large diagonal of the screen.

The battery life

The battery life of the iPhone has long been the subject of criticism, and we have absolutely no prerequisites for the solution of this problem in the iPhone 7. According to rumors, the new iPhone 7 will be even thinner than the iPhone 6s. In this case, the battery life will once again sacrifice for the sake of new and refined design. It is unlikely most users will be happy about it.

And rumors about the upcoming Galaxy S7, but available information suggests that the next smartphone Samsung will have a long battery life. If this is indeed the case, we will once again make sure that Apple continues to lose in this battle.

Fewer restrictions for applications

Google does not limit Android developers-app. Through this approach, in Google Play you can find more technically complex and multifunctional programs (Tasker).

How to be iPhone users who want to use a more convenient app for making calls? Favorite or integrate iMessage with other popular chat from the App Store? Google operating system is more open to third party developers than iOS and this is its plus.

Integration with Google services

Apps and services Apple is good, but many would like the default to use analogues from Google. Despite the progress the brand “Apple” services and the new API, some Apple services still far from Google products.

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Expandable storage

Last, but not least important feature is the expandable storage. Optionally available out of the box the UFD Android phone can easily be expanded, providing more opportunities to store the required information. This is another aspect in which smartphones running Android can beat iPhone.

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