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6 advantages of iPad Pro over a laptop or as a 12.9-inch tablet Apple replaced my MacBook

Apple CEO Tim cook once said that on business trips and travel of the equipment it takes only a iPad Pro, iPhone and Apple Watch. The head of the company is confident that the 12.9-inch tablet with a Smart keyboard could be the perfect replacement laptops and computers for many users. “They will start to use it and realize that they no longer need to use anything else except the iPad Pro and their phones,” concluded the head of Apple. Explorer iXbt agree with Tim cook – for it iPad Pro really has become the main mobile device along with the smartphone.


Before, I almost always carried a laptop. You could say that I simply can not imagine how you can leave home without a laptop (going to the store for bread or walk with the baby, of course, does not count). Write a text to comfortably surf the Internet, answer emails, etc. — for this smartphone, of course, is not suitable. A tablet with a diagonal of 9-10 inches is already a good option for Internet and reading mail, but not a very convenient solution to write texts longer “OK”. In General, the laptop seemed to me from time to time an indispensable companion.

For these purposes I used a 13-inch MacBook Pro Retina the first generation. Bought it back in 2013, and since then he serves faithfully. However, there are some nuances. First of all, the battery life is on it not more than six hours (if it is just work in the text). It is clear that you can change the battery, and then the figure will be better. But then we come to the second problem. Work without Internet often simply impossible. And street Wi-Fi — a thing the extremely unreliable and usually slow. Therefore it is necessary to distribute the Internet from a smartphone. That, of course, eats battery life very quickly. It turns out that you have to worry not only about the laptop battery, but also charge your smartphone. Moreover, if the last not follow, it remains not only without Internet, but no connectivity. And given that the battery of a modern smartphone is enough for a day of active use, and that without such vysokoshirotnykh things like Internet sharing, will think ten times before Wi-Fi Tethering.

And finally: the laptop is still too heavy. Lugging it all day, you begin to understand the owners of MacBook Air and other ultrabooks. But as it turned out, there is a more comfortable and versatile solution: the 12.9-inch iPad Pro with LTE support and Apple keyboard Smart Keyboard.

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In my case the standard scenario of the use of this combination as follows: I sit in a tram (Yes, I ride a tram or trolley bus), take out the iPad Pro with the inserted SIM card into the phone and then, depending on mood and need, can check mail and social networks, can wander on the Internet and can work on my article (by the way, I write this article just in time for it). At a diagonal of 12.9 inches working screen space here is almost the same as MacBook Pro 13.3″. The photo below is a comparison of the size of 9.7-inch and 12.9-inch tablets.

Of course, first I had a concern: will I be able to work on a mobile OS? And if you need to use Dropbox? And if you need to format the text as something special? As it turned out, almost everything is possible and, moreover, this configuration is in all respects superior to the usual laptop, despite the fact that typing on the Smart Keyboard is less convenient than the MacBook (well, maybe a little).

But the benefits are very significant. Here are 6 key:

  • iPad Pro even with the cover-keyboard is significantly easier MacBook Pro.
  • It is significantly smaller (in thickness and the other parameters)
    If you don’t play games and use for Internet and writing texts, it is significantly longer running on battery than a laptop.
  • If you need to charge it (at work, in a meeting, etc.), find someone’s Lightning cable and the charger 2 And lighter than the right charger for a MacBook.
  • It can insert SIM card and, thus, to address the issue of access to the Internet (provided that you have a version with support for LTE).
  • instantly rasplachivaetsya iPad Pro, unlike the MacBook and any other notebook.
  • If you want to read or see pictures, the iPad Pro to be positioned vertically. Moreover, the cover-keyboard can be removed, and can not be removed.
  • About the fifth paragraph is to say more. I admit, I haven’t used the slot for the SIM card in the iPad I was sorry to spend money (even if it is 150-200 rubles) for selected SIM card. That all changed with the advent of one of the operators of the fare, which can be connected to one account, up to four SIM cards. All four users — the total package of minutes, SMS and Internet traffic. Moreover, practice has shown that it is not limiting itself in the use of mobile Internet (neither on the tablet or on a smartphone), I don’t spend half of the limit. However, I don’t watch video over LTE, downloading apps and updates over Wi-Fi only, but, in my opinion, it is quite natural (especially if you have wifi at home and at work). It turns out that it is possible to use high speed Internet on your tablet absolutely free of charge.

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    Some may say, “well, why the Internet is possible and without it if a half hour ride in the tram”. But, as I have felt on my own experience, the presence of normal Internet that you have by default and that it is not necessary to get a smartphone and do other movements — it is so convenient and pleasant that in the end get just a very different feeling from working. You easily work with the cloud at any moment on the Internet to clarify some information, etc. I’m not talking about how it saves on long journeys — for example, from Moscow to St. Petersburg. In the way the connection is unstable, so if you need to send a letter or text, it is very desirable to have time to do it at exactly the moment when the device catches 3G/4G. If you’re going to wait until there is 3G/4G on your smartphone, then will include the distribution of Wi-Fi, then proceed to connecting your laptop to this Wi-Fi network, it is likely that by the time all this is completed, the train will have left the zone of reliable reception.

    Below the picture was not so rosy, I can add a few albeit small, but still of spoons of tar.

    • Sometimes really miss the mouse (or even touchpad like on a laptop).
    • Not all web interfaces well sharpened by a touch use (it concerns first of all the admin panels, and similar work services)
    • Some sites automatically launch a mobile version for the first time, iOS and do not allow to choose the desktop. As a consequence, on the screen everything is really big.
    • It is clear that the laptop — the solution is more universal. If given a flash drive of the presentation, with notebook you can immediately view its contents and to send the necessary files to colleagues, whereas with the iPad you’re helpless.
    • Some nuances with the file formats and limitations still are. For example, a document with complex formatting without installed Word for iPad full edit will fail. As I somehow can’t save a Pages file to another Dropbox folder, except for root (for some reason gives an error).
    • The main problem: the iPad Pro; it’s expensive. Of course, it is cheaper than MacBook Pro, but still recommend it to buy instead of a MacBook I wouldn’t, since the MacBook is a universal thing. It can even be used as a desktop computer. And iPad Pro is not something that is impossible to use as PCs, but in some scenarios, mobile use it is not the most convenient solution — for example, if you need professional photos/video, conduct presentations, etc. Therefore, iPad Pro is still the device in addition to the MacBook Pro, not instead of it.
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    In the end it all depends on 1) financial capacity 2) the expected usage scenario. If resources allow, a scenario close to my (daily hours in ground transport, with the possibility to sit), iPad Pro with LTE is the ideal thing. Alternatively, buy a cheap Windows laptop on for long trips and other situations in which appropriate in the way that is a full OS, and major money to spend on the iPad Pro, which will be the device for everyday mobile use (of course, we are assuming that you have a stationary PC at work).

    Personally the last month I hardly used my MacBook — now, leaving the house, I’m bringing the iPad Pro. And when you come home, the iPad Pro becomes a great tool for entertainment: reading, games, YouTube, Internet, social networks — all this makes it more fun than on a laptop because you can collapse on the couch in a comfortable position and interact with content more intuitively. So this very specific thing that at first it seemed bulky and not very clear on the purpose, gradually became my primary mobile device along with the smartphone.

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