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50 reasons to wait watchOS 4 for Apple Watch [video]

Last week released the first beta version of watchOS 4 with smart dial, Siri, which foresees important information and shows it throughout the day, as well as tips on activity and new music functions.

Apple claim that with the release of the Apple Watch will be even smarter than before. Edition 9t5oMac collected in the video 50 4 watchOS innovations designed to make the wearable computer really personal. The update is available to users intelligent application “Activity” and “Exercise” Siri dial, which shows the right information at the right moments, convenient access to your favorite music right from your wrist.

A new mode of display applications in the list view (right)

Among the most significant innovations worth noting is the new “smart” watch. Every time the user lifts the wrist, the Apple Watch screen dynamically displays information for the current time of day and schedules, as well as the important data from apps such as the Activity, Alarm clock, Maps, Reminders, Breathing, Calendar, and Wallet and headlines from Apple apps News.

New “smart” dial on the basis of Siri

Updated application “Music” has become even more functional: it automatically sinhroniziruete mix of new music, favorites, and the music that the user listens to most often.

The multitasking panel watchOS 3 (left) and watchOS 4 (right)

With the release of watchOS 4 Apple Watch users will be able to exchange money transfers using Apple Pay or Siri. Upon receipt of the transfer money credited to the new account, Apple Pay Cash, and they can immediately send someone to pay for their purchases via Apple Pay in stores and within apps or transfer to another Bank account.

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