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50 new features in iOS 9 [video]

To a new mobile platform Apple can be treated the same way to the iPhone with the letter “S” in the title is not something totally new and improved version of the old.

Some call iOS 9 “service pack” for iOS 8. In the system was greatly improved stability, efficiency and convenience for developers. Nevertheless, it was a place for new and enjoyable features that can please active users of “Apple” devices.

Innovations include a “nine”: the built-in search and Siri, improved notes, power saving mode, settings search, updated multitasking, a new grouping of notifications, improved sorting of photos, updated multitasking bar, improved Handoff, the “Back” button, mode mute message (screen down), uppercase and lowercase letters on the keyboard, battery widget, and much more.

An overview of new features iOS 9 offers a new 14-minute video from iDB:

By the way, the pace with which users install iOS 9, were the most rapid in history. For threes days that have passed since the release of the platform update installed more than 50% of owners of iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

For comparison, the previous version, iOS 8, took about 8 days to reach the 50 percent mark. On “eight” users to go much slower: the distribution of the previous version took more than 4.6 GB, which it was not available on devices with small memory. iOS 9 weighs four times less than is 1.3 GB.

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