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50 million for a post in the state Duma introduced a bill on fines for fakes in social networks

State Duma deputies from “United Russia” Sergei Boyarsky and Andrew Alshevskih proposed to fine the social network for refusing to remove false and illegal information to user complaints. The amount of the fine for individuals will range from 3 to 5 million rubles for legal entities it will be much higher — from 30 to 50 million rubles. The initiative has met with sharp criticism from “Vkontakte”, where he said that to obey the law is simply impossible.

The project has already contributed to the discussion of the state Duma. As explained boyar, we are talking about major social networks, whose audience exceeds two million users. Messengers of the requirements of the bill will not be affected.

“While no messengers with them is difficult, they are not the organizers of information dissemination (ARI), although the telegram and has the appropriate signs,” — said the boyar.

The Deputy is sure that “law-abiding citizens this bill will not touch and are afraid they have nothing”.

In turn, Andrey Alshevskih said that the high fine will cause the owners and moderators of social networks to work on the regulation of illegal content more efficient. As for the penalty for individuals, setting it at such a high level MPs are hoping to cover one of the possible loopholes.

“The law is intended to protect users from violations of their rights. Good citizens don’t even have to notice the appearance of such a law,” — said the Deputy.

According to the head of the Russian Agency for information society development (RARIO), member of the expert Council of the relevant Committee of the state Duma on the information policy Alexander Aygistov, the subject of government regulation of work of social networks is long overdue.

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“I believe that we need a show case to the rest nepovadno was. People who are engaged in slander and misinformation, violating the country’s Constitution, generally accepted rules of morality and private laws of Russia”, – he said.

Despite assurances from the deputies that such a law is needed, the administration of the most popular Russian social network “Vkontakte” called the bill “an attack on the Internet without foreplay”.

“We do not check and cannot check the accuracy of published information or carry out pre-moderation of content. In fact, this does not make one communication platform with user-generated content”, – said the press service of “Vkontakte”.

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