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5 ways to extend battery life MacBook

MacBook is famous not only for great design but also a long battery life. Apple managed to achieve a good level of autonomy by optimising your software for the hardware. If you are faced with the problem of increased energy expenditure on a MacBook, there are a few simple tips.

1. Reduce the screen brightness

The screens of laptop computers by Apple have excellent stock of brightness, the backlight often enough even at minimum settings. In most cases a brightness level close to the minimum, enough for comfortable work.

Go to System preferences -> Displays and move the corresponding slider to the left.

2. Turn off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

If at the time of work you don’t need Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, disable them. Very often the wireless module are the cause of the rapid discharge of the battery.

Go to System preferences -> Bluetooth or System preferences -> Network.

3. Disconnect peripherals

Believe it or not, but connected to a laptop drive or a USB device significantly affects the autonomy. Always disconnect the peripherals after use.

4. Disconnect the backlight keyboard

The keypad backlighting is always very convenient, but do not forget that it is a laptop also consumes energy. If you work with the lights on or day, it is better to turn off the backlight.

5. Invert colors

Initially, the inversion of colors was developed for people with disabilities, but it also saves battery power MacBook, displaying energy saving black pixels instead of bright white. Select in the section “Universal access”.

Other tips to improve the autonomy

macOS usually notifies the user, if an application consumes too much energy. Just click on the battery icon in the top menu and see what programs consume a lot of energy.

You can watch a detailed report on the work of the battery in the Monitoring system. To do this, run the program “system Monitor” and go to the tab “Energy.” Here note sections Energohozjajstva average. energohozjajstva.

In addition, you can go to System preferences -> energy saver and do the following:

  • Translate disks in sleep mode.
  • To reduce the brightness when powered by battery.
  • Enable automatic brightness before the laptop will go into sleep mode.
  • To Disable Power Nap.

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