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5 useful travel apps

As the author beehives to burrows: “to Live is not necessary, travel is necessary.” In this we fully agree with him. I want to bring to your attention a selection of 5 apps that will be useful for travel.

Every year fans of active recreation there is less chance to forget the documents, getting lost in a strange city, or not being able to explain yourself in a foreign language. The potential for unexpected travel situations can be minimized with a few shortcuts on the iPhone.


FlipTheTrip — application for finding like-minded people in the travel and business trips. The client allows you to write to all people without any restrictions that are not often met in applications that are tailored to meet and socialize. To start talking, no need to share mutual likes, or rate photos of each other. All potential companions and new friends are displayed in a list. You can also mark on the map in advance to local residents wrote themselves and shared their tips.

Use FlipTheTrip is quite simple: you need to specify the travel date, the city you plan to visit, and to choose the language of the interlocutor. By the way, language is not in all applications for travel, so rather, it is a plus. Provides authorization via VK or Facebook, also has a sign in incognito mode.

No functions are activated by a surcharge was observed. It is possible that in next versions developers will add them, but for now you can use FlipTheTrip without restrictions.

Pros: simple interface, no paid features, the presence of Russian localization, language of the interlocutor.
Cons: the only available version for iOS, compatible with iOS 8+.

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Download FlipTheTrip from the App Store.


Tripr is a social network for travelers. After login via Facebook and filling out the questionnaire you can start communicating with other users.

More functions here, but to understand what is happening becomes more difficult. To start chatting, enter the city you want to visit. With trips of other users, the situation is similar: they refer to the city and the purpose of the visit, however, the slope in the Tripr is made in the direction of Dating services, so you will be able to communicate only with those with whom there is mutual attraction. That is, is the exchange of huskies.

Tripr exists in the rating system. Travelers posts are sorted by popularity (i.e., “like”, so they got up in the overall timeline), there is also the possibility to write private messages to friends. It is a pity that spoken language cannot be specified in advance.

In-app purchases in Tripr no how of Russian localization. But using the app is still comfortable, so dig in.

Pros: no paid features.
Cons: the lack of Russian localization, compatible with iOS 8+, the absence of a choice of language of the interlocutor, communication is possible only when mutual sympathy.

Download Tripr from the App Store
Download Tripr from Google Play


Backpacktr is another bright representative of the family of useful applications for travelers. As you have already understood, the main function — search people traveling in one time and in one place. What to do to start chatting? Enter the city and dates of stay to see people who are also planning to visit in a specified time period.

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In Backpackr you can get stamps and stamps for visiting each country. They are put in a makeshift passport. This is an interesting step, because the elements of gamification has always attracted users.

Be that as it may, the effect of inconsistencies: limited user base, slow application operation, lack of choice of language of the interlocutor.

However, there is a positive thing — to make purchases inside the apps you don’t have to.

Pros: no paid features.
Cons: the lack of Russian localization, a small base of users, lack of choice of language of the interlocutor.

Backpackr download from the App Store
Download Backpaktr from Google Play


TourRadar is a service created by professional travelers. TourRadar submitted applications for iOS, Android and the web version, which is quite highly correlated with mobile. But in General, the mechanisms are similar: you choose a direction, date and see what tours are right for you. The main feature is that here you have to pay for travel, however the itinerary, accommodation, transport, where you will travel, and much more are specified in advance.

Will have to pay a lot. For example, the average journey will cost you about $1000, but you can grab late deals and discounts of up to 70%. If you compare the price with our tour operators, something where you can even gain. The main thing often to monitor new proposals.

In the mobile app as in the web version, there is the possibility to exchange messages, share photos from trips and so on. Also has a referral system in attracting friends to your app you will earn 5% from every tour that they book. By the way, about the Russian localization of the developers of this app also did not care, that is sad.

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Pros: an alternative approach to booking tours, discounts, referral system.
Cons: lack of Russian localization.

TourRadar download from the App Store
TourRadar download from Google Play


Ventoura is another application to connect travelers with fellow travelers and locals. The service allows you to find people who are traveling nearby or to enjoy the homegrown tour guides from the local community.

The basis was taken Tinder in which to judge people, swapa left or right. If sympathy is a match, you’ll be able to start communicating. Only here you are not looking for casual Dating, and purposefully choose the person with you along the way.

Noting the city you wish to visit, you can expect suggestions from locals or people planning a trip at the same time. Some of the locals can act as guides, but, unfortunately, not free. Price walking around the city is set by each guide individually, but the creators of the app take 18% of the income itself. Here’s an interesting way to monetize.

Age, gender and city of destination of potential interlocutor are set by the user in the settings, which facilitates finding the right people. Russian localization at Ventoura, unfortunately, no. Spoken language interlocutor in advance to choose too.

Pros: a unique approach to tours.
Cons: lack of choice of language of the interlocutor, a possible fee for the tour.

Ventoura download from the App Store
Download Ventoura from Google Play

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