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5 useful chips macOS, you need to know about

Mac computers have many features that make their use more convenient. MacDigger offers five particularly useful techniques.

Use “Search” to access the dictionaries

Perhaps, everyone is faced with the need to learn the name of unfamiliar words or to clarify the meaning of words when reading a document or article. The function “Search” simplifies the process.

Highlight the unfamiliar word and click the right mouse button. In the opened menu choose the option “Search”.

For convenience in trackpad preferences you can assign this function a gesture — touch with three fingers.

View all open Windows

If you work with several open Windows and documents, you can easily get lost among them. To find the correct window or document, use Mission Control.

To do this, hold down Control + up arrow. Alternatively, you can use the swipe four fingers up on the trackpad.

On the desktop displays miniature versions of all open Windows. Click on the desired program or document button to expand the window to full screen.

Quick access to the Emoji

For instant access to the panel of the Emoji you have to press Command + Control + Space in the text where you want to insert a smiley.

Use Spotlight to launch applications and documents

If you work fast with the keyboard, you can effectively use the Spotlight search to open apps or documents.

To do this, hold Command + Spacebar. In the search bar, type first letters of desired application or document.

Silent notifications for 24 hours

If continuous notification of software updates, incoming messages, new photos, etc. prevent you to focus on work, they can be easily disabled.

Hold down the Option key and click on the notifications icon in the upper right corner of the screen. This will put the Mac in mode “do Not disturb” and turn off all the alerts for 24 hours.

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