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5 unpopular but high-quality apps for sports

Talk about a great sports applications for those who are just starting to monitor their health.


Because of the crazy popularity of Lifesum, Nike Training Club and Fitbit people often do not notice a quality and nice looking solutions. 8fit is your personal virtual coach who not only demonstrates the exercises and is a program of physical activity, but also helps to eat right.

The application is able to create a personalized menu that takes into account any activity, whether it’s a bench press bar or a light jog. And all this on a single subscription and beautifully decorated, beautiful and intuitive interface.

Price: 4490 roubles a year

Download 8fit


A great personal trainer for the beautiful half of humanity. The app differs from other similar approach. Instead of offer a comprehensive and challenging training program, it prompts the user to answer a series of questions and choose the right exercises. For example, she may indicate as problem areas the presence of stomach. Then BetterMe will show the exercises only for that area of the body.

Price: 699 rubles per month

To Download BetterMe


A new way to keep fit and get rid of the morning fatigue. Wakeout is a complex of simple exercises focused on specific body parts (e.g. fingers), or to relax from office work.

All the exercises in Wakeout can be performed almost without moving from place to place. In addition, workout can be done anywhere, be it bedroom or a huge stadium. Anywhere you can hold a short charge and feel a little better.

Price: 499 roubles a month

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Download Wakeout

30 Day Fitness

Another beautiful sports app for those who don’t know where to start. The developers promise a positive results after only a month of training with their program. 30 Day Fitness, you can find more than 420 types of training that adapt to the individual user’s purpose.

Price: 199 roubles a week

Download 30 Day Fitness

Sweat Deck

Interesting and original app for sports home. Interface Sweat Deck simulates a deck of cards, except that instead of Queens and kings they displayed different activities. Pushups, squats, burpees, and so on.

The user may create an unlimited number of decks, mix them and even add aces with challenging exercises. All this makes home workout a little more interesting and exciting.

Price: free

To Download Sweat Deck

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