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5 serious reasons to buy the Samsung Galaxy S8

Announced in late March, the Samsung Galaxy S8 is pretty ambiguous. Users around the world rapidly discuss the controversial new. Journalists familiar with the device, sure, that buying new is better not to hurry. Below are five reasons why you should not hurry to buy Galaxy S8.

1. Controversial design

The design of the smartphone Samsung has changed very much — so that they can be uncomfortable to use. Screen flagship rose from 5.1 to 5.8 inches and a fingerprint reader moved to the back cover. As a result, said Mike Gikas of Consumer Reports, the user can very easily stain the image sensor, trying to find the sensor in the back. In addition, the new design of the device is not very convenient to use left-handers.

2. A key function is not available in Russia

Journalists are not very pleased Bixby — new voice assistant Samsung, a competitor to Siri and Google Assistant. Its capabilities were accepted on merit (Bixby is positioned as a full-fledged assistant, allowing you to manage the entire range of device functions) but last week, Samsung announced that all of the functions Bixby will be available to users in the US “later this spring”, and on the timing of the launch of a version for Russian users is not known. Bixby is one of the main “chips” Galaxy S8, and the company proposes to use it only after some time after purchase.

3. For the same money you can buy an iPhone 7

Recall that the Galaxy S8 in Russia is from 54 990 rubles. Many potential buyers will ask for a younger version with 64 GB of memory. Model Galaxy S8+ will cost 59 990 rubles.

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What you can buy for the money? Almost any of last year’s flagship at the official price! iPhone 7 in the base configuration with 32 GB of memory is 52 990 rubles, version with 128 GB will cost 60 990 rubles. If you pay a little extra you can get the iPhone 7 Plus. The “gray” sellers “Apple” device can be found cheaper.

4. Story with explosions Note 7

Around the new Galaxy S8 there are many uncertainties. First, concern is that the Galaxy S8 may repeat the fate of phablet Galaxy Note 7, production and sales of which were stopped due to spontaneous combustion. According to the results of its investigation of Samsung, the gadget could ignite or explode while charging — and all the fault of marriage, made at one of the factories. And how Samsung was able to eliminate the problem of the structure and defects of the Assembly to the release, is not yet clear.

5. Do you want an Android smartphone for 55 000?

Expensive Android phones buy contrary to common sense. If not to consider the gadgets from the point of view of functionality, you should seriously think about how friends and colleagues will perceive the emergence of a “Google phone” for the money in your hands. Most likely, they’ll just think that you are seduced by advertising. But even if you manage to convince them, you +5 respect and uvazhuha to fail.

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