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5 Secrets About iPhone Spying Software Every Employer Should Know


If you’re a new manager or a business owner, chances are you are looking for a surveillance technique. But we understand your problem. You business is fairly new, you’re barely breaking even and you don’t have the finances to invest in one of them super security systems. But don’t worry—if you only knew 5 secrets of the Xnspy iPhone spying software, you would be just fine.


1. You Don’t Always Need Jail break

The first thing you’ve got to know is that a monitoring software doesn’t always require jail break. So you don’t have to worry about annulling the warranty of the expensive iPhones you just bought for the staff… isn’t that a relief? The Xnspy software for iPhone comes in 2 versions, one of which require no jail break at all. All you need is iCloud access and your employee monitoring system is set to go.

2. It Works Discreetly

The second greatest kept secret about the iPhone monitoring app is that it works discreetly on the device. So before you start handing out the iPhones or iPads for your employees to use, make sure you install Xnspy on them. This way, when they come around to using it, you can see how they truly use company provided devices. You can see who spends how much time goofing off and who puts their money where their mouth is.

3. It Doubles as a GPS Tracker

Another brilliant thing about Xnspy is that it doubles as a GPS tracker—so small business owners with a fleet staff rejoice! Even if you don’t have the capital to invest in a bespoke tracker just yet, Xnspy’s tracker is pretty sophisticated as well. Not only just it give you current location in real time, it also helps you look at location history, get stats, and set geo-fences around places so you get alerts.

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4. All Your Staff in One Place

This particular secret I found pretty handy. As a manager, the data recorded from all your employee’s phones will be uploaded onto a single console. All you need is a username and password (provided to you at the beginning) and you can access all the data in a singular platform. Makes your job much easier, doesn’t it?

5. You Don’t Spend Big Bucks

And the best kept secret of the iPhone spying software of all? You barely spend $5 on it! So you don’t spend hundreds of dollars on a security system and you get the job done at the same time. You get to know everything about the employee’s activities at work—from the iMessages they send to the emails they receive, to the business calls they make to the places they go when they’re on company trips. At the end of the day, you get your money’s worth—and that is what being an entrepreneur all is about.

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