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5 reasons to wait for iOS 9

At a conference for developers WWDC 2015 was shown the new version of iOS that represents an important update for mobile OSes Apple. Major release of iOS 9 can not be named: it manufacturer for the most part focused on improving the existing functions with a focus on simplicity and ease of use. MacDigger figured out something worth waiting for “nine” and closely related updates other elements of the Apple ecosystem.

Multitasking on the iPad

On the iPad there are three new multitasking mode that allow you to work with two applications simultaneously. The first is Slide Over (available for iPad Air/iPad mini 2 and above) when the second application “crawls” from the right side of the screen, occupying about 25% of the screen. For convenience, there can be positioned, for example, “Messages”, “Notes” or “Calendar” to take notes while browsing websites in Safari.

Referring to the delimiter, you can jump to the second mode — Split View (available only on the iPad Air 2), which divides the screen into two parts. So, on the left you can read the reviews about the hotel, studying its location on the map to the right. The last view, picture in picture allows you to have video chats FaceTime or watch videos on YouTube, parallel reading Gmail messages.

External Bluetooth keyboard makes the iPad more like a mini laptop. In iOS 9, you can use keyboard shortcuts for faster applications. To list all available hot keys in some programs (even third party), you have to hold down the button, Command, Option and Control.

The increase of autonomy

In the latest iOS 9 has implemented a number of techniques aimed at optimizing the mobile platform. Apple is particularly proud of the reduction in the size of the upgrade from 4.6 GB to 1.8 GB and increase battery life iPhone for one hour. In the framework of this concept Apple has added to OS specific function energy-saving Mode low power”. The latter is able to add 3 hours to standard time using the iPhone.

“Proactive” Siri

The essence of innovations can be described as follows: “OSes” taught better manage the available information in favor of the user. The lion’s share has been Siri: assistant was not just “smarter”, but “more proactive”. With the new Proactive Assistant she just waits for commands, and displays contextual reminders and other information that are best suited for a specific point. In addition to this, she now learns from the habits of a person.

In General, the “proactive” Siri became closer to Google Now on Android. For example, if in the morning you first of all read the news in Feedly, and in the evening — see the update at Facebook, the assistant will offer to access these programs at specific times of the day. But if you often share photos with each other in Messages, Siri will remember that, and next time I will give priority to a particular contact.

Gym assistant can automatically play music when you plug in headphones, in the car — the audiobook, and also to remind about the upcoming meeting, taking into account traffic jams. When entering recipients in Mail Proactive Assistant will complete field contacts that you typically include in the newsletter. But if you got the email confirmation of reservation table or reserve hotel, a new feature alone will make the event in the Calendar.

Slider in photos

In iOS 9, Apple has updated many standard programs, including Notes, Maps, Passbook (now “Purse”) and Photos. In the application to work with photos the developers offered a convenient way to view the contents of your photo library – the tape with the photo thumbnails at the bottom of the screen. Enough to hold it with a finger right or left to quickly browse through a collection of photos.

The beta program Apple

To get access to iOS 9 will be in July. This year, Apple for the first time opens the beta program for the mobile platform. Participation in it will allow you to register iPhone and iPad and to install and use the public beta of iOS. If you find a bug that needs fixing, you can report it directly to Apple with the built-in Assistant feedback”. For downloading the preview version of iOS 9 will require registration on the website of the company

While that iOS 9 is officially available only to developers. The “operating system” will be released in the fall, it can be installed on the same device that iOS 8: iPhone 4s and newer, iPad 2 and iPad mini and later models, as well as the iPod touch 5G.

In September-October, Apple will hold another already “consumer” press conference, which will be entirely devoted to the announcement of new products. The availability of “nine”, most likely, the company will announce on the same day.

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