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5 reasons to permanently abandon Windows in favor of macOS

This week on Russia, Ukraine and several other countries were struck by a powerful cyber attack. Hacking virus-the extortioner “Peter” has shown the vulnerability of information infrastructures around the world. Earlier last month there were at least a large-scale epidemic of the virus WannaCry, which also was not ready.

The attack was aimed at Windows computers. This is the main computer vulnerability in the modern world, write Nv. The incident forced at least some of the users think about the care with Windows. Long overdue.

macOS means the reliability, stability, beauty, and convenience with minimal flexibility, and minimal requirements to the computer literacy of the user. The user, if not away, could easily delve into how it all works.

In an age when the computer ceased to be just a toy, and became vulnerable part of personal space, each “teapot” have little to take care of their cyber security.

So, not trying to start another holivar on a subject of Windows vs Mac, we offer a few points in defense of the title.

1. Security

The vast majority of viruses, “encoders”, etc. are designed to attack Windows. Absolutely the vast majority. Well, 99.9% uptime.

And the same figure can be mentioned in another context. While Windows users who do not install antivirus, can only be compared to idiots who do not use condoms at the brothel, the majority of macOS and Linux users generally don’t know what anti-virus software.

One can argue that macOS be popular, the authors of viruses and hackers has switched to it. And they say Linux has no viruses because no one uses them. Yes, on the desktop share of Linux is small, but Linux systems are the basis of the server structure of world of the Internet, they are almost all supercomputers and cloud clusters, the mobile platform is Android (it has holes, but they are not related to Linux, and the Java virtual machine which runs on top of the kernel), they hold the banking system, etc.

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2. Again safety

Itself macOS is more secure than Windows because of its structure. A hierarchy of users, root, etc. the philosophy of viruses in computers Windows the to attack Unix systems.

Again, this does not mean that viruses for macOS is not possible. Possible. Moreover, they periodically arise. But they are more difficult to write and their ability to system a lot less.

In the Linux world there is the advantage of open source code. The core of the system and its components are always on display at the huge community of programmers around the world. Bugs are eliminated sometimes in a matter of hours.

3. Convenience

From the point of view of usability macOS surpass Windows. Especially after an epic experiments with the removal of the start button, and then her triumphant return.

macOS is beautiful and elegant. But in the Linux world there are a large variety of interfaces on the user’s choice. There are those that are closer to Windows classic, there are those that mimic the macOS. There are original designs (like my favorite Gnome Shell).

Steve jobs at the time aptly said about Microsoft — “they have no taste”. And it’s true. Windows looks at the background of macOS and many shells in Linux is the brainchild of the Chinese automotive industry on the background of, say, Jaguar or Maserati.

4. A question of habit

Many people are afraid to “rock the boat” because Windows is so dear and familiar. And on a Mac you need to learn something new. Yes, Yes. It until then, until you went with the good old Windows 7 (or God forbid, Windows XP) on a more recent version.

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Merciless experiments on the fresh versions has caused many of my friends to be cared for with Windows. The system ceased to be familiar and native. Please note how much has changed macOS in recent years, but all key management principles and visual elements remain in their places. Apple care about their users.

To the features of macOS can be used for a day or two. No “krasnoglazaya”, no “manual command input” (although there are fans of the Terminal).

5. Efficiency

The availability of applications and games, usually called the main advantage of Windows. So, given that 99% of ordinary users more likely to use the browser (and the Chrome the same on all operating systems), I authoritatively declare to you that it is – garbage.

If you are a regular user, you can easily in a few minutes to get to the Mac Suite of applications that allow you to cover all your needs.

“The dominance of Windows on personal computers – a relic of the past”

Yes, I will not argue, there are a number of programs, primarily professional purposes, as well as a large number of games that exist for Windows only, or Windows-version is much better.

In addition, there is a huge “plume” of legacy applications for specific tasks (in banking, in scientific research, military industry, etc.), which are still in use, and to work with them need Windows. Because for various reasons people can’t/don’t want to replace these apps with the new.

But this means only one thing. Windows is a niche product for “Excel gurus” or “wizards” Outlook. But the hell it is you gave up on your personal home computer?

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Yes, Yes. The current situation with the dominance of Windows on personal computers is a relic of the past.

Windows remains a very good solution for certain categories of users. Even their 10% or 20% (which is a huge number of people), but the rest of the normal users who use the browser and download from the Internet images and movies, Windows is not needed.

Windows is a niche solution, not argue. It should cease to be massive. And then no matter who will attack us just malicious hackers or devious ransomware bitcoin – we will reduce their chances of success.

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