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5 reasons to jailbreak iOS 10 on the iPhone and iPad

With the release of software solutions Yalu everyone without special knowledge and skills in the field of programming can access the file system of iOS and install on the app store Cydia. Program Cydia Impactor with a simple and intuitive interface allows you to literally one click to download on iPhone and iPad essential IPA file that will only open on the device. After rebooting, the home screen will appear cherished icon of Cydia.

MacDigger offers the main reasons to jailbreak iOS 10 using the Yalu.

Support iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

One of the advantages of jailbreak support for the flagship smartphone, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. At this stage we are talking about the iOS version 10.1.1 and the first variant of the exploit Mach_Portal+Yalu. But in the near future yalu102 will be updated with native support for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus with iOS 10.2.

How to jailbreak iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus on iOS 10.1.1 can be found on this page.

The jailbreak is stable

Despite the initial concerns of users, created by developer Luke Todesco exploit poses no threat. The program contains no malicious code and does not set on the device is spyware or some other malware. Developers and security experts have confirmed that the Yalu is not dangerous. The only thing obviously, the jailbreak itself, namely the third-party unofficial software carries certain risks. But if you can install applications and tweaks from trusted sources only, then there is no threat of a jailbreak is not.

Cydia and Substrate has received the support of iOS 10

Main jailbreak is the Cydia Substrate framework on which most informal of applications. This week Jay Freeman released the final version 1.2.28 Cydia with support for iOS 10 and 64-bit devices. The framework Cydia Substrate updated to work on the latest version of the OS. This means that there are no obstacles in order to jailbreak users do not have.

More than 300 tweaks compatible with iOS 10

Owners of iPhone and iPad with jailbreak can install programs to the new class, which are not admitted to the App Store. The developers official must adhere to strict rules of the company, so they can fully unleash the potential of mobile devices. At the moment over 300 tweaks from Cydia is fully working in iOS 10. Want to record phone conversations? Easily! And maybe remove ads in YouTube? No problem. To use the launcher? To add a new button in the Item management? The list is endless.

The ability to update the iOS interface

In iOS 7 opened up new scope for modification of the iPhone and iPad. However, until true freedom is still very far away. Jailbreak allows you to remove the operating system limitations and to transform the UI on your own. Thanks twicam from Cydia you can change the icons, fonts, lock screen, system menu, transforming the standard look of iOS. The possibilities are virtually not limited and each user can choose the design for iOS to your liking – add elements completely absent skeuomorph, or Vice versa – to simplify the interface of your beloved device. This can be done with the newly updated package Anemone.

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