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5 reasons to abandon the purchase of Samsung Galaxy S8

Last week in new York hosted a presentation of Samsung, which was presented smartphone Galaxy S8 and S8+. The company is now taking pre-orders for both models. Smartphones are really interesting, but the South Korean flagship has some serious shortcomings.

1. Exploding battery

People have different perceived debacle of the Galaxy Note7 – one all refused Samsung electronics, others are ready to give the company a second chance. Nevertheless, the fact remains: Samsung is the only major manufacturer that has launched a review flagship smartpool due to issues with batteries.

After complaints of overheating or fire, Galaxy Note7 company quickly responded and took the right steps several times apologized to the customers and convince that from now on will have to carefully test the machines. To believe Samsung or not, only you can decide.

2. Why are my photos in prints?

The rejection of the Home button allowed Samsung to make the screen of a new Galaxy “infinity”. But such a decision has one very serious drawback – the fingerprint scanner is now located near the camera.

All owners of the latest flagship LG probably had to wipe the camera glass before shooting. This is because the scanner, he’s a power button, located next to the control buttons and the camera. Samsung at least made the scanner separately and did the power button, but the correct location of the sensor one can argue.

It is much more correct to place the scanner away from the camera, as is done in the same Nexus and Pixel.

3. Fragile body

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There is no doubt that the Galaxy S8 is one of the most elegant smartphones on the market. Now imagine the emotional state after falling on the floor this beauty. Remember how many complaints on the iPhone 4, which easily can be broken? Then Apple found a solution in a much more practical aluminum enclosure.

The only thing that can protect glass case for Galaxy S8, but doing so is difficult. There are two options: to buy or to use with very carefully.

4. TouchWiz was better, but Android is still far

Samsung has always introduced some proprietary software “chips” in their smartphones, and Galaxy S8 and S8+ are no exception. This year is the voice assistant Bixby and a few brand new applications. Surprisingly, the presentation of the Galaxy Unpacked without the words “TouchWiz”. For those who first hear the term, TouchWiz is heavily criticized shell Samsung, which the company installs on top of Android.

Of course, the shell of Galaxy S8 has improved a lot lately, but my experience, both on smartphones Pixel, still not worth waiting.

5. On the approach of iPhone 8

iPhone 7 – a great smartphone with top performance and safe and reliable software platform. In September, the anniversary goes iPhone 8, about which so many rumors in the network.

Outside the “Apple” of the ecosystem is also a lot of alternatives. LG G6 like never competitive. HTC might have failed with his Ultra, but on the approach HTC 11. Chinese companies offer quite a lot of gadgets comparable to the flagships of famous brands, but 2-3 times cheaper. Therefore, Samsung Galaxy S8 isn’t the only decent smartphone.

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