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5 reasons not to buy a flagship smartphone

Marketers are doing a lot to encourage people to buy the most expensive models of smartphones. However, by and large smartphones-flagships are not what is really necessary to buy for such a huge amount. Resource Hi Tech Mail called five reasons not to buy flagship smartphones.

Of course, if you have extra money, then the matter is closed – it is your deliberate step, not harming the family budget. Plus to have a flagship smartphone – is often really a standard of quality and modern technologies is certainly nice. However, many people are influenced by and can’t live without having in your pocket iPhone 6s 60 000 rubles, which will give the Bank the coming year.

In addition, the smartphone market has evolved greatly and he already speaks that buyers it’s time to shake off the shackles of marketing and learn the main – top-end iPhone or Galaxy is no longer needed to live in today’s digital world. Even models primary and secondary level are capable of many things, not to mention iPhone 6 or iPhone SE. So no more bruising myself, gaining a bunch of credits to have in your pocket and the pockets of the members of the family of smartphones-flagships.

1. The high price

In 2016, it is sad to remember the times when flagship smartphones were sold at 30-35 thousand rubles. Today because of the rise of the dollar the most complex devices were worth 50-60 thousand rubles. For example, for a younger model iPhone 6s will have to pay 56 990 rubles, and for her older brother – iPhone 6s Plus – 65 990 rubles.

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2. Without flagship technologies can live

Fierce competition among manufacturers of smart phones leads to the race number of megapixels, processor cores and numbers in the benchmarks. To pay for it, however, it is necessary to us, to simple users. And here are just a few examples that make sense in such improvements is not very much.

The processor was twice as powerful? The speed of operation of the device is not affected. Much more importantly is the optimization of the operating system. The camera has added megapixels? Detail was better, but the picture quality overall has not changed. Often, the high megapixel count leads to unwanted noise in the photo. Much more important than the physical size of the matrix. The more – the better.

RAM increased to 4 GB? As shown by comparison tests iPhone and Android devices, for a comfortable use of the smartphone (productive games, music, surfing the web) it is enough to have on Board 2 GB of RAM. Let’s not forget that the smartphone and the computer are two different things.

4K display instead of Full HD? Commendable, but in practice the difference is almost impossible. 3D Touch? Nice, but not necessarily for everyday use.

3. Middling, at times, not worse

To distinguish smartphones middle segment of the flagships can only advanced geeks. Big, bright, colorful screen, fingerprint scanner, metal body, good camera, good performance, which will allow you to play even in the most “heavy” games (Asphalt 8, Modern Combat 5) – all of this can be found in the device, and for 25 000 rubles.

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According to surveys of users in the list of the best smartphones of 2015 has included not only well-known flagships like the iPhone 6s or Samsung Galaxy S6, but also smartphones from middle and low price segment. In the world of smart technology is increasingly dominated by the principle of “inexpensive does not mean bad”.

4. Sense in the flagship no

Most people buy flagship phones to communicate in social networks, selfies with cats, music and “easy games”: Subway Surfers, Cut the Rope. With such tasks can easily manage the device, and for much less money. Then why pay more?

5. Was the flagship — the flagship no

Smartphone manufacturers usually refresh their flagship models once a year. It turns out that your morally clever device becomes obsolete once a year, and in the case of Sony does once in six months. If flagship features almost can not keep up, why try to do it in principle? The leaders quickly become outdated, and to most people they are useless.

What is the result?

The flagship is the choice of geeks and people that are able and willing to spend their savings for crazy technology. If you have a smartphone to stay connected on social networks, listen to music and photograph food for Instagram – it is not necessary to spend 60 000. The money saved when buying a device of middle segment you can purchase the full accessory pack (headphones, case, screen glass, Bluetooth, a column). Yes and the change will be buy another smartphone.

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