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5 reasons for Apple to release 4-inch iPhone 6s mini

Last year Apple released the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus equipped with 4.7 – and 5.5-inch screens respectively, whereas all previous generations starting with iPhone 5 with 4-inch screens. But already in 2015 the company plans to return to this form factor, as reported by informed sources.

The undoubted commercial success of the latest iPhone has denied fears that the big screens will be more minuses than pluses. Everything happened exactly the opposite. Suffice it to say that the iPhone 6 set a record of Apple products in speed of sales for three days were sold over 10 million units. According to a study by Kantar Worldpane, 58% of customers explain buying exactly iPhone 6 Plus screen sizes.

However, deciding to increase the size of their smartphones, Apple has lost some of its audience. MacDigger offers five reasons why the company from Cupertino is expedient to release the iPhone 6s mini.

1. Design

Apple understands that the dominance of large-format mobile devices such as the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 and 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus had like not for everyone. The company wants to change the current situation. Apple to release new 4-inch iPhone on the basis of usability of the older models with one hand. Some owners “shesterok” have a problem with that. Also the new model will suit the taste of female audience. We are talking about a smartphone could fit in a handbag or smaller female hands.

2. Marketing

4-inch iPhone on the technical characteristics will be similar to the iPhone 5s, but from the point of view of design get features of iPhone 6, including rounded edges of the body. The model will allow to increase sales “Apple” of smartphones, as users are more likely to buy the device in a new form-factor than the model of last year.

3. Apple Pay

4-inch iPhones have a limited support for payment service Apple. To use iPhone 5s for payments can only be used with “smart” clock Apple Watch. It is important for Apple to release a model with NFC module, which will work with Apple Pay out of the box.

4. Fitness

Platform HealthKit works with previous iPhone generations in a restricted mode. Fitness lovers will be happy to select a Communicator with an expanded set of sensors and is compact enough for sports.

5. Performance

The new processor Apple A9 or A8 will provide better performance iPhone. Although this factor is often not determinative when choosing a smartphone, for some users it will be an incentive to buy the new model generation.

Recall the last time Apple released the 4-inch smartphones in 2013, announced iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c. Previously, the company adhered to a more compact form factor: the iPhone 4s and lower models had a screen diagonal of 3.5 inches.

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