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5 pluses and 5 minuses of the iPhone X for the first 10 days of use

Paul Gorodnitsky extremely meticulously tested the new iPhone and made a guide for those who are still pondering whether to buy “top ten”.

Use your iPhone X in exactly a week and a half. I must say: probably, in the aggregate, it is the best smartphone in my life, even though he is not far from superpractical iPhone 7 Plus.

Review “tens” is already a lot, so I tried to pay attention to most key and universal aspects, which are important not only for me.


What pisses ?

1. Incredibly annoying that, by default, in the corner there is no percent battery. Percentages are visible when lowered “control Point”, but that was terribly annoying: it is much nicer when they are displayed without any manipulation.

When there is no interest, it seems that battery’s about to die. Seriously, there are some problems with the icons, because even at 35% of battery charge drawn iOS 11 looks almost empty.

I spoke with many developers, and they believe in a future iOS updates interest will inevitably return.

2. “Control” is also imperfect. Let me remind you, that there is a widget with the player.

Before (on older iPhones) access to the player was immediate: brushed from the bottom up, switch songs. Now we have to aim to the top right corner, swipe down from the top, and then aim at a key player. One hand is doing is terribly inconvenient. Try it, if you don’t believe.

3. To enter text with one hand would be cool, if not a button to switch language, which was sent to the bottom.

No idea who the author of this brilliant solution, but a keyboard interface objectively slows down the process of typing. Stick with two hands is still fine, but one (especially the right one) – crash.

4. Closing applications turned into torture. Need to pull the finger upwards, then push the pad into the screen, and then strongly tyknut in the name of the app to display the icon with a minus. After that it is necessary to tap the minus and the app will close. Disaster.

I could argue that iOS is, in principle, does not need to close apps but I don’t agree: sometimes they crash and must be restarted, so no closure anywhere. Sorry, realized this is the most flawed.

5. I have monstrously works Face ID. Rather, it works, like at all, but I do not like this method of unlocking. I have calibrated the resolver entity (and in the dark and in the light), played with settings, rebooted the iPhone – all to no avail. Face ID want to iPhone X was perfect before my eyes: if you do not comply with this condition, the device will first capricious, and then prompts you to enter the password.

The feelings, the recognition rate is not higher than the first-generation Touch ID. And this despite the fact that I have neither strabismus nor burns on the face, which interfere with the setting Face ID.

What do you like?

1. The volume of the external speaker. The sound is really deafening, volume and agribase. Then Apple gets 10 points out of 10.

2. Signature leather case. I thought that buying it and put it on the shelf, but I tried, and I really liked it. The case does not hinder the work and pleasing to the touch, and the phone does not slip out of your hands. The optimal alignment. I think we should pay the 4 thousand, not to worry about scratches.

3. Weight iPhone X. Heavy phones – super. Feel the solidity (80k), not Galaxy S8, which gives the impression of a toy flagship.

4. A huge Power button. It was sorely lacking in previous iPhones where it was tiny. Here she is giant and has a great move. A very wise decision in terms of ergonomics.

5. Switching between apps is brilliant. Grab the bar and instantly twisting in any direction, and not open to the clumsy menu multi-tasking and poking around in it.

Gesture switching is the best there is in the iPhone X. Thanks to him I absolutely didn’t miss the Home button. It is a pity that Apple will never introduce this masterpiece option in the old iPhone – people will continue to suffer with the key.

Five things that did not cause emotions

1. Wireless charging. Bought adapter Qumo 450 rubles. Tested – iPhone not burned, but was charged indefinitely. So expect AirPower to parallel charge more and watch.

2. Animaze. Put three roosters, two pigs and one piece of shit of all time. Then I got bored. The theme of animaze karaoke also seems to be dead – there it and road.

3. Camera. Though vertical, but in terms of quality without radical differences in comparison with the iPhone 7 Plus. In short: the best on the market.

4. Neckline. It may not be a plus, but I got used to it in half a day and do not understand the whiners who are not satisfied with the “unibrow”. Honestly, I don’t know what you have to be to genuinely grumble because of the “bangs” or trying to hide the “hump” using applications (such APPA. already there, Yes).

5. Battery. I expected to be disappointed after 7 Plus, but no: if the time to enable power-saving mode, the iPhone X even with the active use of live early in the morning (9:00) until late evening (23:00).

Is it worth to upgrade?

Everything is simple.

With iPhone 5s/SE/6 – Yes.

With the iPhone 6s/6s Plus – if there is free money.

With the iPhone 7/7 Plus – probably not.

With iPhone 8…Hmm, I don’t have any advice, if you are seriously contemplating a fresh update one iPhone to another.

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