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5 new jailbreak tweaks for iPhone and iPad with iOS 9

Despite the delay with the release of explica for latest versions of iOS 9 jailbreak community continues to create new tweaks and apps. Sometimes only to be surprised imagination of developers, not limited the rules of the App store.

MacDigger offers a selection of fresh tweaks in Cydia that are designed to make iPhone and iPad more efficient.

Mixer Volume 2 (iOS 9)

This week in Cydia debuted an unofficial app designed to enhance volume in iOS 9. Using Volume Mixer can flexibly control the volume level for all audio interfaces. As you know, when playing music, the iPhone and iPad allow you to control only the volume level of the active channel. The user can separately adjust the sound level, for example, a Bluetooth headset or speaker volume. With Volume Mixer is not a problem. Add-on is a panel with five sliders that can hold different audio interfaces: ringtone, ringer, speaker, wireless headset, wireless headphone. Supported themes.

Airplane Enhancer

A simple tweak Airplane Enhancer is designed for those who often use Airplane mode. The developer says that the tweak “allows you to keep airplane mode enabled as long as necessary”. If you have and you don’t like its limitations, this design is for you.

PowerDown Customizer

PowerPlus is not the first such plan tweaks for iOS, but the native. After you install the slider “turn Off” caused by pressing the upper key, is changed to the transparent panel with several options. With their help you can perform the action required for the device to turn off, restart, make respring, enable safe mode, lock the device.

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EarthView Walls

If you are tired of seeing the same Wallpaper on the screen of your iPhone, then you should pay attention to EarthView Walls. Of course this does not mean that you will find something that you will never get bored, but you can always vary the look of your device. EarthView Walls does a very simple thing – load new background image from Google Earth and allows one Activator gesture to change the Wallpaper on your device.


On iPhone listening to music is organized the following way: if at this point I received a call, the music will pause and when the call is re-enabled. Tweak PauseAfterCall makes so that after you finish talking the music will remain paused.

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