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5 kinds of Apple stuff: how to save money and to buy hassle-free technique of Apple

If you find the Apple gadget at a low price and it’s not used and not fake, do not hurry to rejoice a low price. Maybe he did something different from what is sold in the company store. Here are possible options, according to


Do not hurry to run for a dictionary is usually not translated, and say “Ref”. Refurbished means “restored.” As a rule, the scheme works as follows: approved warranty service centers copies of a device are sent to the factory where they are completely disassembled, changing defective parts and even often set all the stuffing in the new building!

From there, for example, are sold still have the iPhone 6 or 5s: from the point of view of the buyer they are no different from brand new, even the headphones and all paper from the kit there will be brand new.

In some cases, however, the “REFs” can have more than simple packaging, without the original accessories and in a simple cardboard box with no frills. By the way, “suspicious” box can be sold and “swap” (swap) is instances initially intended for the rapid replacement of the marriage to the service centers.

After the warranty support for the device, “swap” can get in the free market, however, by that time it will be interesting more collectors because become outdated morally.

Not to be confused with the “REFs” repaired in the service center products: such devices will have traces of wear and you can only sell them as used with a corresponding decrease in prices.

Sometimes you can “grab” something with crazy discounts! A decent seller will always specify the reason of devaluation; he is obliged to do so by law about protection of consumer rights.

The danger: If “Ref” factory, its service life will be slightly less. But you can hardly notice it. The most dangerous Chinese “Ref”: something like a repaired circuit Board is inserted into the cellars produced a fake case. Such a device will last a long time, if at all, will turn on after you received it.

How to protect yourself: only Buy from large retailers or in retail stores brand. If the price is low, to clarify, not “Ref”.


Another tricky word that means “Original Equipment Manufacturer” and originally was used to refer to computer components, not intended for sale to the end buyer, and for collectors.

That is, for example, the video card you bought was not the big beautiful box with lots of disks, wires and promo codes for some games (Retail), but just in an antistatic bag.

Now in OEM packaging can be found not only components, but also, for example, devices that are often purchased by parties — whether modems/routers, flash drives, cartridges, cables and various accessories like keyboards, mice and even headphones. Naturally, such a product cheaper.

The danger: On OEM supplies may not be an official warranty, so in case of breakage of such goods will have to go to the seller with which to “fight”, as a rule, more difficult.

How to protect yourself: look in Advance on the manufacturer’s website, looks like a Retail product. Next, estimate how big the saving.

A sample showcase

Very often the lowest price in the catalog is indicated on the display sample, existing in a single copy. This means that he stood some months in plain sight, his touch, pressed the buttons, his fingers, someone is a little scratched here the trail left the adhesive from the price tag, and the film on screen has been lost.

However, the warranty on such instances give a full, true, there are nuances: for example, may be silently lost some detail from the kit or will unscrewed the shipping bolts (important for large household appliances).

The danger: In fact, almost anything. If there is no mechanical damage, such a device is not ashamed to even buy as a gift. If that’s not your headphones or electric toothbrush.

How to protect yourself: Ask whether this is display sample. In online stores the signal may be the availability of goods for collection only in one or two spots around the multimillion city.

The “gray” goods

The “gray” goods or models imported into the country bypassing official channels, that is, roughly speaking, smuggling, taxes and duties. Then the price can be 20 percent below the official.

“Grey” suppliers play and on the difference in prices in different countries, as well as full use of the advertising promotions, such as “locked” and subsidized by the operators smartphones, phones and modems and “resocialise” and sold in another country.

The danger: official warranty for “gray” stock, and the seller is so shallow that his “service center” is uncle Ulugh beg with a soldering iron in that corner. “Gray” technique can not be adapted for use in a particular country (for example, smart phones are not LTE or not), and the consequences of picking the firmware to “unlock” too unpredictable.

How to protect yourself: Check the model code (SKU), comparing it with data on the official website of the manufacturer; to verify firmware version, checking it with the code official.


Marriage is a comprehensive concept. Some types of marriage are not critical, for example, damaged packaging — reason for the markdown, and even mechanical damage to the hull can easily become a reason for a 50% discount.

The only question is, what if it’s a couple of very fine scratches or dent makes people, which you easily could put in the first week — you can buy. If the device is clearly a long beat with a sledgehammer, no.

The only problem is that the bad seller can hide the fact of mechanical damage, and to deal with them have you. In addition, they can also occur during transport — in case of arrival of, say, the broken tablets indefinitely. Then you can only sympathize, because to prove that you didn’t have to use the examination at their own expense, and then through court to return money and to pay the cost of examination.

With the expertise to face, and in that case, if the seller improperly stored item (for example, in damp or in the cold), which led to damage.

The danger: Can be notoriously faulty thing, not subject to the warranty. Or then go through the seven circles of hell, proving that it’s not you ruined it.

How to protect yourself: Buying discounted goods only at the company stores the manufacturer or from large formal retailers, where they will not hide any nuances. Check upon delivery: if something is confusing, then give up.

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