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5 ideas Windows 10 Creators Fall Update that Microsoft copied from Apple

On Thursday, Microsoft introduced user-defined functions major update Windows 10 Update Fall Creators. However, many features already familiar to users of Apple Mac owners and iPhone. We offer you a list of ideas which inspired developers from Microsoft.

The effect of transparency in the interface

Microsoft as part of Fall Creators Update plans to update the design of Windows 10. Judging from what was shown, the project redesigned OS interface concentrates on animations and blur individual elements in the style of macOS Sierra. According to Microsoft, components of this system (parallax effects, fuzzy textures, and translucent backgrounds) will give applications more aesthetic, make the user interface more intuitive, responsive and easily scalable to different device sizes.

Inspired by the latest versions of macOS and iOS, Microsoft designers thought about the existence of blur and transparency – all those visual effects that Apple uses in its operating systems for several years.

Time Machine

MacOS Time Machine is a backup system. At any time the user can open the timeline and restore the deleted file or previous version of the document. In Windows 10 will appear similar technology called Timeline. According to the developers, it will allow you to “go back in time and find out the.

Shared clipboard with the mobile

Fall Creators Update enhances the integration between Windows PCs and other devices. Functions called Clipboard works the way the Apple ecosystem, making the workflow almost seamless. The functionality is very similar to the Universal clipboard from Apple.

Sinhroniziruete Clipboard the clipboard allowing you to paste the text (you can copy the link to the PC, and then immediately to open the smartphone and click “Paste”), photos and even whole files on your mobile devices.

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In a similar way does the technology Apple Universal Clipboard, which can be used, for example, to copy text in the editor on Mac, and then paste it in the app on the iPhone. It works only between devices of the company. The solution from Microsoft is universal and works on all three popular systems — Windows, Android and iOS.


Feature called Pick Up Where You Left Off, as demonstrated at the presentation of Microsoft, very similar to the Handoff in macOS. It will allow, for example, begin to compose an email or document on your computer, and after a time to resume the session and continue from the same point on your tablet or smartphone.

“iMovie for Windows”

Every Apple computer is a dedicated application iMovie, which opens up new possibilities for video. The program is available on Mac, iPhone and iPad, allows you to see the source material to create movies with a resolution of 4K and trailers in the Hollywood style.

In the update Fall Update Creators will include an application for video editing Story Remix that will allow users to mount the videos and images. Also as in the case of iMovie, the content can be processed “on any device” — this implies that Microsoft will release a version of the app for mobile devices. Thus it will be possible to start a project on your smartphone and finish it on the computer.

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