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5 ideas that Android copied Apple and has perfected

In may and June of this year will take place the Google I/O conference and Apple’s WWDC, in which Google and Apple will unveil new versions of its mobile OS. It is expected that Android will have some changes, is borrowed from iOS. At least in the past Google has done this repeatedly. In BGR called the five functions of the software platform by the search giant, which was copied from Apple, but upgraded Android developers.

Last year, Google have scheduled the conference I/O a month earlier than Apple to avoid accusations of theft. The plan failed — already in the alpha version of Android N had several features taken from iOS. Later confirmed almost all assumptions. But Google is not always just copies Apple OS – some features developers bring to perfection.

Retina Display

The density of pixels in the Retina displays, which are equipped with the flagship iPhone 7 is 326 ppi. Actually, the title of the standard (“Retina”) comes from the fact that the human eye can’t discern individual dots on the screen and everything it shows, very clearly.

In fact, the pixel density of the iPhone has not changed for seven years since the release of “super fine” model. In 2010 Apple released the iPhone 4 with Retina display, with 326 ppi indicator. Steve jobs said that the human eye can’t discern individual pixels when value is over 300 ppi.

However, technology does not stand still, and manufacturers release new and improved LCD panel. Now, many Android manufacturers install a screen resolution Quad HD (2560 x 1440), and some go further and seriously consider the transition to 4K (3840 x 2160 pixels).

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App Store

The first app you had to download from either the App Store or from the Android Market. Apple announced the store with the games and software for six months before the release of the first Android smartphone – it is logical that jobs believed Google imitators.

Now the App Store and Google Play in many respects resemble each other, except for the location of the elements in the interface. But last year, Google announced improved format apps called Instant Apps. Now clicking on a special link of the Android application can be downloaded almost instantly, like a normal web page, they will be downloaded to the device, not entirely, but only partially.

In fact, it is similar to most of those web applications, which launched the first iPhone, when he still did not have the support of conventional applications and the App Store. Android is no need to use store.


On Android from the beginning was the quick settings is an extremely useful and necessary menu which can be accessed by swiping from the top of the screen anywhere in the system. But after the appearance of the control in iOS with the latest functions management gadget developers, Google has gone ahead and added the ability to customize interface elements in the quick settings. Users can now add their own elements to the panel or remove unnecessary ones.

iOS does not allow users to modify button in the control room.


Virtual keyboard in the first iPhone completely changed the industry of mobile devices. Before the announcement of the first Apple smartphone have appeared all kinds of communicators, but they all had physical keyboards. iPhone was the first true smartphone — touch keyboard and few physical buttons.

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It is believed that the standard keyboard in the iPhone is one of the best among all smartphone manufacturers. Third-party alternatives from the App Store leaves much to be desired. Despite more opportunities, they are largely limited and does not differ stability.

On Android the situation is reversed. Standard keyboard on any “Google phone” inferior epplovskoy, but development of third-party companies great and due to the native support look like “factory”.

Software updates

Android regular updates still remains a major problem. But the mechanism of installing new versions envy of any owner of the iPhone and iPad. In Android 7.0 user does not need to interrupt your work with the device – the update runs in the background.

Files are downloaded in the background and is active immediately after a restart. This concept assumes that the system uses a single branch in the repository and one for update. Updates are automatically downloaded to your device in the background. As soon as the user reboots the smartphone or tablet, he can use the new version of the OS, without the interruption of a process of interaction with the device.

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