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5 hidden features of the Galaxy S7, which is not enough iPhone users

IOS currently used by more than one billion devices, making it one of the most popular in the world. Many iPhone and iPad owners know about the existence of a hidden OS features that allow you to increase your productivity. In this article we will talk about the unknown but useful features of Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, which is not available on Apple devices.

Disputes about what gadget – the iPhone 6s or a Galaxy S7 is comfortable, functional and better in General, do not cease. The authors of the blog BGR has compiled a list of five features of the Galaxy S7, which is not enough for full happiness the owners of “Apple” smartphones.

Sorting the shortcuts in the settings panel

The control center in iOS is a great tool that allows users to get quick access to functions and settings of the OS. Unfortunately, Apple does not allow users to control this system partition: rearrange icons and add new ones.

In Galaxy S7, the user simply double-swipe down from the top of the display to call up the panel with lots of shortcuts. The Edit button allows you to change the position of the icons in the app as you wish.

Two power saving mode

iPhone is the best smartphone according to many indicators, but the battery life is not the strongest side of “Apple” device. Power saving mode in iOS does not allow to achieve acceptable results by the operating time on a single charge. Meanwhile, the Galaxy S7 is provided for “normal” saving mode and the mode ultra-saving, upon activation of which the device can work for a day on 10% charge.

Recording screencasts

The iPhone user can easily take a screen shot, but to record on video what happens on the screen of the device is impossible. With this feature you can capture anything you want: working with games and apps, videos, Skype calls, online video and audio, etc. to remove the screencast on Galaxy S7 just go to Settings -> Advanced options -> Games -> Game tools and enable the option.

Reminders about notifications

You can see important notice on my iPhone, but then forget about it because of a heavy workload. In the settings of Galaxy S7 in the top of the page, you can activate reminders on the notifications and set the interval at which the phone will remind you about missed notifications from any apps.

Mode of operation with one hand

In iPhone there is a Reachability mode, which allows you to reach the buttons at the top of the screen by double tapping the Home button. However, it will not help comfortable typing with one hand. In Galaxy S7 and S7 edge also has a similar mode of operation, the contents of the screen will change the scale and offset in the lower right of the display. Is in Settings -> accessibility and enable one-hand operation. It can be enabled triple-click the home button of the smartphone.

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