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5 hidden features of macOS Sierra, which you might not know

At the presentation of the 2016 WWDC in June, Apple introduced macOS Sierra and talked about the new features of the operating system. However, there are things which are not mentioned, although they can be extremely useful when working with a Mac. In this article we have gathered 5 of the “chips” macOS Sierra, which you hardly ever used.

1. Magic Safari tabs

For a long time, Safari has remained, to put it mildly, the average browser. With the last few updates Apple has tried to improve the program, and macOS Sierra made it even better. Most Safari users know that earlier in order to restore accidentally closed tab, it was necessary to press the key combination Shift + Command + T. But what if you closed multiple tabs? In this case, you must press Shift + Command + T a few times. If you close the browser window with four tabs, for example, this same combination will restore all four tabs.

If this trick you are not impressed, try to get out of Safari and then reopen the browser and press Shift + Command + T. All your tabs from the previous session will be restored.

2. Custom shortcut for Siri

Siri finally got to Mac, and you can say that macOS voice assistant is much more useful than on iOS. The only problem is that the launch of Siri by default is implemented is not too uncomfortable. You can click on the appropriate icon in the apps menu or in the top menu bar. There is also a faster way – simultaneously press Command + Space. But really, the key combination can be chosen independently. To do this in the system settings tab and Siri enough to set your own shortcut to launch a virtual assistant.

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3. Auto insert points and capital letters

The most convenient feature of the iOS keyboard – automatically insert a period on double space, and following word starts with a capital letter. Now it is available on macOS X. Go to System preferences — Keyboard — Text and paragraphs to automatically insert capital letters and add a point double-spaced.

4. Sharing notes

Many people prefer Google docs because of collaboration. Apple has recently added the same functionality in iWork, however, few use the cumbersome office packages, but the notes do most of the users. The Notes app in macOS Sierra now also allows you to share files and to share. For this purpose in the upper right corner press the icon with the image of a user, which opens a window where you can add users or share an annotation on social networks. In the latter case, the article can be viewed but cannot be edited.

5. Mode “picture in picture” in YouTube

Many people know that macOS Sierra has a mode “picture in Picture”, but not many know that it can be activated for almost any video service. Right click on the YouTube video you want to watch in the mode of “picture in picture”. Appears a semi-transparent menu of service. Again, do a second click on the video to open the second, already the system menu. Click the “Enable picture in picture”.

The function is quite useful because you can view the video and do something else at the same time, you can even resize the window with the video. However, if you try to move it somewhere in the center of the screen, the video will still stay in one of the four corners, which is very inconvenient. But when holding down the Command button and moving the video to any point of display, it will not automatically shift into the corner.

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