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5 fan theories about Apple and the upcoming presentation

A few hours after Apple sent invitations to the upcoming presentation, the fans began to compete in creativity, offering various theories on the subject.

Fans of “Apple” of the Corporation aware that there is a tacit tradition, “read at the invitation of the Apple” every time it is published. This time the invitation is the most abstract and almost never carries any prompts, and the suggestions of the fans are rather humorous in nature.

Wireless charging and augmented reality

New colors of iPhone

This year we will be able to see new colors for the iPhone. Apple has already shown red iPhone 7 in the spring, but we still saw blue. Earlier there were rumors that the seventh iPhone to be released in the color Navy Blue. Maybe it was about the year 2017?

On the invitation you can watch the light ebb of copper, which, of course, can be linked with rumors about the iPhone in the color Blush Gold.

Improved portrait mode

The colors on the invitation much blurry. And portrait mode in iPhone makes the background blurry. Coincidence? Learn soon.

OLED screen!

All the latest rumors say that Apple decided to replace IPS displays in its iPhone on the upgraded OLED. Fans have already found this absolute confirmation. What other proof do you need?

Oh, and as a bonus the theory of the balloting Tim cook presidential

Apple CEO Tim cook, using his position, leads an active political life and fighting for the rights of people.

Like it or not, but many believe that Tim cook is aiming for the presidency. On the Apple logo you may notice blue, red and white. What is this if not an attempt to improve the position and become President of America?

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