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5 chips that the iPhone 7 should borrow from competitors

iPhone 7 will be released in two months, so the Internet continues to flood information about Apple new product. Of course, all these information are rumors and have not received any official confirmation from the manufacturer. Users expect from smartphones of different kinds of innovation, but now we can make a list of features that iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus ought to learn from competitors.

Screen without frames

New Galaxy S7 edge much impressed compact sizes for a device with a 5.5-inch display. iPhone 6 Plus also has a screen with a diagonal of 5.5 inches, but is comfortable to hold and use the device with one hand can do what the stars of the NBA. The ratio of display to the area of the front panel of the iPhone 6s is significantly behind the competition – only 65.6%. For comparison, the figure for Galaxy S7 is 72%, LG G5 – 70,1%.

Two days of Autonomous work

Desire johnny Ive and his team to fit all the components in a more elegant iPhone case is commendable. This is great for those who appreciate aesthetics, but many fans of the brand would agree to a thicker device, but with a more capacious battery. Ideally, the iPhone 7 with an average load should work for a few days. Manufacturers of Android devices already accepted as the norm battery capacity 3000-4000 mAh. Even unoptimized system with the energy train to work two days, but can show the best results.

Waterproof case

There is speculation that Apple is working on waterproofing the iPhone 7. But according to recent reports, the new generation of smartphones will not get the degree of protection from moisture and dust. Flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy S7 Galaxy S7 Edge, and boast a water resistance that has been repeatedly tested and proved effective. And it’s not just about the joints of the parts, but also the microphones, the membranes of the speakers and ports.

More RAM

Apple increased in comparison with previous models the amount of RAM in the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus up to 2 GB, 12.9-inch iPad Pro twice as much RAM to 4 GB. A doubling of RAM in the device clearly had an impact on the convenience of surfing the web, resource-intensive games and apps are longer in memory. The same applies to multitasking: new gadgets Apple a large amount of RAM already running earlier applications open instantly. 3-4 GB in iPhone 7 will bring the applications to a qualitatively new level.

Always on display

Know from recent reports that Apple may move to OLED displays in 2017. It is strange that the company chose the year, when flagship devices are models with the letter “S”. But the transition to such displays in any case be the right step. OLED display allows you to use the device feature Always On Display like the top-end smartphones by Samsung and LG. Its essence lies in the fact that the screen in the locked state always displays the time, calendar, number of missed notifications and other useful information.

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