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5 chips HTC U11, which are not on any iPhone

On Tuesday, HMRC has introduced a new flagship U11. A distinctive feature of the smartphone was the original design of the product. The device has a glass back panel, which reflects different colors, so the smartphone looks quite attractive. Of course, HTC U11 is not limited to cute form factor. It can offer several unique features that are not available on the iPhone 7 and other flagship smartphones.

The touch frame Edge Sense

Many journalists have already expressed their dissatisfaction with touchpad HTC. Whether it is necessary to solve the users, but the trick is very interesting.

With the help of Edge Sense, you can quickly perform any action with your smartphone just by clicking on its edge. For example, you can compress the ends of the device to open the camera. If you think about it, this method of interaction can actually be useful. In any case you keep the smartphone for his ends, so why not make them touch and add new features?

Three virtual assistant

You know, what could be better than Google’s Assistant, Alexa, Amazon, and HTC Companion? Assistant Google, Amazon, Alexa and HTC Companion in a single device. HTC has embedded all three assistants in your smartphone.

Snapdragon 835 – the first processor that can recognize two voice commands to Wake the device, and HTC U11 is the first smartphone that uses this feature. Just say “Ok, Google” Google Assistant or “Hey Alexa” for Amazon Alexa.

Four microphones

HTC U11 got four microphones. One microphone always works for the voice assistants, after the user said “Ok, Google” or “Hey Alexa” activated the other three. As soon as the device determines how the user is holding the device, three microphones are turned off and only the one closest to the owner.


Hard to explain, it sounds like HTC U11, but it’s safe to say this is the best speakers in smartphones.

Last year’s HTC 10 also sounded good, but the sound quality does not compare with U11. First, the BoomSound speaker is much louder and iPhone 7, HTC 10, and all the competitors, and, secondly, the sound is much cleaner.

The smartphone comes with new headphones, which feature active noise-cancellation headphones and connect via USB C. according to HTC, the headphones adjust the sound to fit the shape of the user’s ear.

Terrible sales strategy

Worst unique feature of the HTC U11 – mobile operator Sprint. Nothing wrong with Sprint as the provider of cellular services there, but to release a new flagship exclusive one operator – not the best idea. Sometimes this strategy has advantages (remember the first iPhone and contract with AT&T) but not in this case. Sprint is rapidly losing customers, and HTC is rapidly losing market share.

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