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5 best video players for Mac

Sooner or later every Mac owner is faced with a situation where the standard player refuses to play some video. This is especially the case of those who have just moved from Windows to macOS and does not know about native formats.

In the operating system macOS provides a default video player. Many know about its existence. In many respects it is good, but there are times when you need to change the aspect ratio or size, adjust brightness or contrast, turn off the PC after a while, watching video streaming, etc. If you want to obtain more extensive settings, the default player will not be enough.

MacDigger offers 5 best video player that can be installed on computers with macOS.

1. VLC

VLC was released in 2001 in the framework of the project VideoLan. This is probably one of the most powerful player of multimedia files. It supports almost all video and audio formats without installing additional codecs. The player offers a user-friendly interface and contains no advertising.

If you like to watch videos over network, the VLC will also be essential. In this player you can: play a video directly on your Desktop, to convert the necessary files, stream YouTube videos, view photos, remotely control the playback, save streaming content, and more. The player is entirely in Russian and is distributed free of charge.

2. MPV Player

The MPV project is developing an open video player built on the basis of a branch of the code base MPlayer2. The player has all the basic functions and features in VLC and smooth-motion — a form of interpolation between two frames for a smooth transition between them. Supports large number of video and audio formats and also subtitles. Just like VLC and Plex player MPV is compatible with macOS, Windows and Linux.

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3. Elmedia Player

The developers Elmedia Player suggested that one of the most popular players for Mac with a number of unique features. It supports almost all video formats: FLV, SWF, XAP, WMV (Silverlight), RM, RV (Real), AVI, MOV, MP4, DIVX, etc. With him there is no need to keep a few players or to install the same Perian.

In addition to supporting a variety of formats Elmedia Player allows you to download video and audio from YouTube and Vkontakte. Most interesting is that you can download not only video but also audio from the same VK. This trick works on almost any website. In Elmedia Player video volume can be controlled independently of the system. Another feature is the possibility of creating screenshots. To take a screenshot on a Mac, just, but, in the case of movies, it is not always convenient. Elmedia Player has a built-in function to create one or a series of screenshots with the specified time interval.

4. Plex

Plex is not just a player for video on the Mac. This is a solution for remote (via Wi-Fi or Internet) access to your media library stored on the computer. The program provides a convenient viewing of videos, movies, photos and listening to music.

The program is capable of much: to movies find movie posters, ratings, and other data series will be distributed by seasons and episodes, the music collection will be ordered from any source. There is support for a private cloud service that allows you to watch home video remotely. There are written separately, clients for mobile devices and Apple TV.

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5. QuickTime Player

Despite a number of limitations QuickTime is a powerful multimedia technology with a built-in Apple media player. The player allows you to watch videos from Internet, movie trailers, and personal videos taken on the iPhone and iPad. And all this is reproduced in excellent quality without delay. The main disadvantage of QuickTime is limited support of formats, so it will be useful primarily to video formats MOV and MP4.

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