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5 best products by Apple after Steve jobs

Today is the anniversary of the death of the legendary entrepreneur and founder of company Apple of Steve jobs. Despite all pessimistic forecasts, it is important the child feels fine after five years. MacDigger offers to remember the five most successful Apple products introduced after October 5, 2011.

1. Apple Watch

Voice dialing SMS, built-in fitness tracker, head assistant Siri and email client with limited functionality – the revolutionary technology in the Apple Watch, like, appeared. And standalone device did not: for its operation need to constantly carry in your pocket iPhone. Nevertheless, the new gadget is very fond of the public. Some people have already saved a life.

2. CarPlay

One of the most promising innovations Apple CarPlay technology allows you to connect your iPhone to the onboard computer of the car. What gives? Idle chat with Siri on the way home from work (like in “Iron Man”), the ability to display computer maps, make calls and reply to messages, and, of course, to listen to music from your iPhone to your stereo system – all this, of course, technology, HandsFree, without using your hands. Machines, which Apple has adapted the system quite a lot. Even “AVTOVAZ” began to support CarPlay.

3. Touch ID

Patented in 2008, the technology of the fingerprint scanner was released in 2013 was presented only. The first model raspoznavalka prints became the iPhone 5s. Built into it the capacitive sensor scans the pattern on the finger pad in high resolution thanks to a set of microconductors, filling the channels in the papillary pattern of the fingerprint. In all versions of iOS starting with the seventh Touch ID allows you to not only remove the lock from your phone, but also to make purchases in Apple stores, to log in applications, etc.

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4. iCloud

Released after just a few days after the death of Steve jobs, October 12, 2011, iCloud, over the past four years has developed into a multifunctional service. In addition to free cloud storage (5 GB of disk space), iCloud successfully functions as a notebook, diary, calendar and email client. In addition, the service allows you to locate a lost iPhone and stay connected with friends through Find My Friends, showing their movement on the map.

5. Force Touch

Displays, fingerprint scanners and touchpads of Apple gadgets looks no different from other, but have unique capabilities. Their sensors catch the pressing force and the actuator called the Taptic Engine, provides a feeling of a click. With Force Touch, a simple mechanical function of the clique turns into something much more. The sensitivity of the Force Touch trackpad allows MacBook to determine what action to perform in response to the force applied by you. And on the iPhone technology has allowed us to implement a software function, 3D Touch, touch the Home button. The Force Touch technology used in the MacBook, iPhone and Apple Watch.

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