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5 arguments against a curved display in the iPhone 8

Industry sources agree that the iPhone 8 will have a completely new curved OLED display. Along with glass, not the metal casing it will make the device even thinner and lighter. How justified is the use of a curved screen in the iPhone and whether Apple go for such design?

The future flagship Apple will feature several dramatic changes compared to the current models, which could not be said about the iPhone 7. According to sources, the iPhone 8 will be equipped with a curved plastic OLED display, which will LG Display. It is planned that the use of flexible OLED display will make the new smartphone even thinner than its predecessors.

Front panel iPhone 8 appearance will resemble that of the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge. The Communicator will be frameless, allowing the front panel will go on the side. Home button is expected to be built directly in the glass gadget.

1. Accidental screen touch

Based on my experience with Samsung devices it should be noted that the use of a curved screen is not so convenient, as you can imagine. Panel with curved edges looks really original, but in real use it doesn’t do any good. First, such a design of the smartphone is less ergonomic than the “classic”. Second, even when you just hold the device in the hand, fingertips or the palm accidentally press on the screen. Hand and then inadvertently presses the button, launch apps, switch the functions of the device. Even a small frame and allow more comfortable use of the gadget.

2. The increase in the cost of the iPhone

Important curved display will increase the cost of the iPhone 8. Experts believe that the new smartphone will be more expensive due to the complexity and cost of manufacture of such screens, so “eight” becomes more expensive.

3. The difficulty with selection of accessories

On a curved screen difficult to find a protective glass or film because of the complexity of production.

4. The decrease in the strength

The curved display is highly durable. Simple drop the gadget on the floor can lead to disastrous consequences. In many cases the device will have to carry in service center for screen replacement that will cost a lot of money. Accessories will not protect against damage to side faces, so to use the iPhone you have to carefully.

5. More expensive repairs

For use in the latest iPhone technology 3D Touch replacement cost of the damaged display beyond. The transition to the curved glass will inevitably lead to a rise in the cost of panel replacement in the smartphone.

Whether in fact a curved display iPhone 8, is an open question. Perhaps in the new generation of smartphones Apple should stick to display “edge to edge”.

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