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5 Android features N, which needs to copy iOS 10

The Android platform N will get plenty of useful innovations that look forward to fans of “green robot”. We have chosen five main features of the OSes, which could be implemented in a future version of iOS. Otherwise, the operating system of Apple will be difficult to compete with the mobile platform Google.

1. Multi-window mode on iPhone

Currently iOS supports split screen, but this feature is only available on the iPad. Google will allow you to use multiwindow mode in all devices with Android N, including smartphones, especially for devices with a large screen.

Imagine that you received a message while watching a video or there is a need to make some important notes while reading articles in the browser. In split screen mode you could interact with your smartphone more efficient. Especially if it’s an iPhone 6s Plus.

2. Scalable interface

Well Apple has adjusted the size of all interface elements and icons comfortable to the average values. Icons in iOS and not too big and not too small, however this is not enough. Some users prefer to zoom out to fit more data on the screen. Others on the contrary, want to increase the UI elements, so they were more noticeable. Android N allows you to select one of five options scale, and this capability would be useful on both the iPhone and iPad.

3. Background updates

The release of iOS is always a welcome event, but the installation process is quite tedious updates. You must download the firmware file, wait for the readiness of the system, and then install and restart the device. In Android N has introduced background updates are installed from the Chrome OS. The system automatically downloads the file and prepares the device and after restarting it is working on a new version of the OS.

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4. “Instant” applications

In Android N virtually eliminates the need to install applications before running them. Let’s say you are browsing news feed in Facebook and stumble onto best offer B&H. On a special link you can launch the app B&H without installation, see pictures and product description and even to make a purchase.

This became possible with help of Instant Android Apps. If you wish to see the remaining sections of the application, you can make it a full installation.

Unicode Support 9.0

Believe it or not, but Android N more emoticons than in iOS. Previously, Google has always lagged behind in this parameter, however, this time introducing support for Unicode 9.0 earlier than Apple.

But what of the listed functions, I would like to see in iOS you?

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