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5 advantages of push-button dialer on iPhone

In today’s world, the smartphone and its owner are a single living organism, which cannot be separated. The war between fans of iOS and Android platforms, the endless race for new models and pride for the opportunity to use the latest technological innovations characterize the modern man, but whether it is necessary to keep up with the times? I made a list of reasons why the ancient push-button phones touch better than modern counterparts.

1. Reliability

Jokes about the immortality of the Nokia 3310 is not so trivial: in order to disable or at least damage the classic model phone, you really should try both. Can not be said about modern smartphones: any fall favorite electronic friend often like death because the safest that could happen to him, is a broken screen. A sudden meeting with a hard surface most often affects the performance of your smartphone or leads to his eternal power.

In addition, the average smartphone user, regardless of model or operating system used to charge your device at least once a day. Many have long accepted the need to carry chargers and frantically looking in all sorts of places the socket in order to return to normal life and to be in touch.

Little friend push button also will not ask for a daily charge, but with careful usage will consume battery power so slowly that, maybe next time you come to a cord charging in a week.

2. Dependence

The morning begins not with coffee, it begins with check VK, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, news feeds, email, games — in short, everything that is in the smartphone and makes for hours staring at the screen. All that I can’t check at home, is moved to trip in the subway where hundreds of people just aren’t looking, follow its usual route. Constant desire to glance at the screen hoping not to miss the updates, flip through the news and every second to check the number of likes has long been concerned with many and is the object of research of scientists around the world. The phenomenon got its own term — fabbing — human condition, when he can afford quietly to distract from the conversation in favor of your smartphone or completely ignore the interlocutor.

From recent research revealing the work of the Dutch experts. They conducted a survey among the younger generation and found out the following: new technologies have a devastating effect on the state of Affairs in the sphere of sexual life. So, about 30% of respondents admitted that they can’t do without your device even in bed, and therefore, going into the bedroom, every day I leave the smartphone at an accessible distance and then fall asleep.

But what happens in the case if you replace the smartphone with a regular phone with a standard set of functions? Most likely, you will be able to check unread messages, the organizer, or at least play a game of “Snake”, which hardly will take more time than the nightly ritual of intimacy with your smartphone before going to sleep. The touchtone phone will not give a lot of entertainment, but also will not take a lot of time

3. Availability

If before the word “credit” in people’s heads pop up cars and apartments, now completely is an ordinary solution is to take out a loan to buy a smartphone, because with the advent of new features, albeit not always significant, the increased cost of high-tech toys.

But if you decide to buy the phone which is designed just to simply call, it is unlikely that with a strong desire, you will be able to spend more than 5 thousand rubles. And here is a smartphone for the same money is unlikely to meet all the needs and different quality.

4. Security

Modern smartphones, no matter how new no matter the model, are subject to two serious threats — hacking hacking and virus attacks. This antivirus program is developed for mobile operating systems leave much to be desired, and although the owners of smartphones on Android or iOS always argue about the degree of protection and invulnerability devices, and those and others can not boast of absolute protection of your device.

U.S. President Barack Obama has repeatedly acknowledged that, even if he wanted to surround himself with “Apple technology,” security services for security purposes, allow him to use only an old BlackBerry, because the simplicity of push-button phone significantly reduces the risk of dissemination of secret information, which could pass policies.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, according to his press Secretary, Dmitry Peskov, did not have any personal means to communicate. Sands explains the surprising fact of the lack of Putin any phone: it just doesn’t need.

In March last year, the American Time magazine described Putin’s invulnerability to the attacks of foreign spies the term “classic maskirovka” and openly admired the Russian leader’s ability to do without social networks and clever gadgets. The publication has mentioned in his article a roller with participation of Dmitry Medvedev, who at that time was President of Russia, and Putin as the Russian Prime Minister, in which the two leaders discussed by phone the situation in the Nizhny Novgorod region in connection with forest fires. Shown on the Central Russian channels and quickly became a viral video shows the rare occasions that Putin occasionally resorts to using phones.

The ordinary owner of the gadgets, of course, such close attention from hackers and foreign intelligence services are not threatened, but, for example, activated location services and voice seamlessly assistants will collect information about the movements and preferences of the owner of the smartphone, which is not everyone.

5. Frost

And the last, final point in favor of the phone may seem trivial, but is the place to be: with the onset of winter frosts, many smartphones start “blunt and get high”, and the screen doesn’t react to clicking, and the battery sometimes and refuses to support the smartphone in working condition, treacherously off with a half charge. Of course, this does not happen with every gadget, but a real Russian frosts painlessly prepared to endure the unit.

The cold also affects the banal management smartphone gloves for touch screen, of course, already invented, but many prefer the old fashioned way to freeze your fingers and gently breathe alternately on the hands and the screen to warm up.

Despite a number of obvious advantages “antediluvian push bricks” in front of “super spade”, the modern pace of life requires a in the pocket player, Navigator, game console and computer in one. To have the most modern technology that fits in the palm of your hand, or to prefer a reliable phone that just calls — the choice is yours.

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