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5 advantages of programming language Apple Swift for beginners

Apple at the opening conference of developers WWDC 2015 presented updates of their key platforms iOS 9 and OS X El Capitan. But for developers one of the most important announcements was the second version of the Swift programming language 2. Craig Federighi during the presentation of the product said that Apple tried to create a language that would be spared from the cumbersome heritage Objective-C. Swift was laid down in the platform of the NeXt, which became the basis for OS X and then iOS.

Swift is really a convenient and powerful language, which claims not only to replace Objective-C in the Apple ecosystem, but also to encroach on the family C in General. Blogger Anton Mukhatayev learning several programming languages, called five benefits of Apple Swift for beginners. Among them readable syntax, intuitive design, safety and the shortage of experienced programmers on Swift.

1. Truly experienced developers Swift is still no

To learn and relearn is necessary to all without exception. If you are Swift in 2015, after any number of years will be to keep up with the most experienced programmers in the worst case for one year. The advantage of experienced coders only that Swift borrows the best elements of other languages, who knows, the easier it is to master.

2. This is a young programming language

In newer versions of Swift is still experiencing fundamental changes in syntax and data types. The language Matures on the eyes and is easier to understand the logic of change — and at desire it is possible and to help in its improvement. Of course, someone can call it a drawback, given that the projects are written in older versions of Swift, don’t work on new — but migration is not much time, but the syntax just makes it easier.

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3. It is a safe programming language

In the basis of Swift’s desire to leave as little as possible vulnerabilities and to best protect the code from errors. The programmer is not obliged to keep everything in mind and to keep track of everything. This is necessary in C-like languages, and if it was justified, because they worked faster than the other, then Swift is catching up in performance even C++ — and the farther the better it will be optimized. A programmer who writes code in Swift, deprived of a huge number of headaches associated with memory management and other things.

4. Easy-to-read syntax inspired by Python and Ruby.

Swift – easy-to-read language, like Python. The main difference is that the blocks are not separated by indentation and braces — so comfortable and convenient.

5. Apple launches Swift source code

Apple announced at WWDC 2015, until the end of the year, Swift will become the language of open source. This means not only that in its revision of Apple will be even stronger to rely on the developer community, but also what potential he will be truly multi-platform, but will not be limited to Apple’s ecosystem. In other words, if you develop an application in Swift for iOS, that is the prospect that you will be able to transfer it to Android, and you will not need to learn Java, operating system Google.

Finally, it’s a beautiful language. Very subjective, of course, but the code is Swift looks beautiful — but not so on the same Objective-C with its endless heaps. And most importantly, the beauty and the convenience of not affect power.

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A guide to programming language available for free in iTunes, the language information is on the company’s website for developers.

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