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45 hidden features in iOS 9 that were concealed by Apple

8 June, Apple announced the new operating system iOS 9 – major release since the launch of the App Store, which has opened up new opportunities and has provided developers with tools to create even more functional applications. Fundamental changes in the design was radically the appearance of the OS has changed in its seventh edition.

With each release of iOS innovations appear to offset some functional disadvantages of the previous system. In anticipation of the final release of iOS 9 MacDigger publishes a selection of hidden possibilities of the mobile platform to be aware of every iPhone and iPad user.

Detailed battery consumption

To see the detailed battery consumption (work on screen and in background), go to menu Settings –> Battery and click on the icon of the list.

The new iCloud Drive app

After the release of the final version of iOS 9, the service will become even more functional – Apple has added to OS full app to work with files a La Finder. Now this does not need to search in the App Store specialized software. How to enable iCloud Drive client MacDigger wrote here.

Settings search

iOS 9 allows you to quickly find the desired settings of the operating system using the built-in search settings.

The gesture swipe on the photo

In iOS 9 can be done by swiping down on the photo in the Photos app to close it and return to browse mode albums.

Uppercase and lowercase letters

The keyboard iOS 9 appeared lowercase letters. To include a capital letter, open the keyboard and press Shift. In iOS 8, the register is always shown with a capital letter, so we can only guess — active Shift key or not, that many users inconvenience.

How to disable lowercase letters

To disable lowercase letters in iOS 9 just go to the section Universal access –> Keyboard and switch the Keys in lowercase” to “Off”.

A quick scroll through the photos

Open the image in the Photos app and you will notice the tape with the photo thumbnails at the bottom of the screen. Swipe it right or left to quickly browse the contents of your library.

Fast return to the previous app

In iOS 9, Apple borrowed the conquest jailbreak – function return to the previous app. Now, when you switch from one task to another in the top left corner there is a button “Go back”.

Zoom video

In iOS 9 when watching a video you can zoom the image using the gesture of the fingers apart (pinch to zoom).

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Insert any attachments in the mail

The Mail app in iOS 9 allows you to use any attachments. Only need in a new letter, press and hold your finger on an empty area.

Access to the purse with lock screen

Instead of having to open the Wallet app from the home screen, you can use it from the lock screen. To switch the setting in the section called ” Touch ID & passcode.

Saves any attachments to iCloud Drive

Standard mail app in iOS 9 learned how to save email attachments in the cloud service iCloud Drive. Now the users of iPhone and iPad costs nothing to transfer data to the service cloud storage Apple. Read more about it here.

To hide multiple applications at a time

The Photos app in iOS 9 allows you to hide several of the images: select the desired frames, caused the panel to Share, then click “Hide”.

Turning on the flash while recording video

The Camera app has learned to turn on the led flash while shooting video.

Send more than 5 photos in the mail

In the Mail app you can now send more than 5 photos at a time. Apple has removed restrictions in iOS 9.

Lock orientation instead of mute

In iOS 9, you can replace the function of the side switch iPhone from mute to lock orientation. The option appeared in the Settings –> General.

Adaptation touch

If you have difficulty using a touch screen, the Adaptation function touch will allow you to configure some settings touchscreen.

A selection of photos with a swipe

Apple added a “new” gesture in the standard Photos app in iOS 9. Now in the selection mode photos the user can easily select multiple pictures at the same time. In order to select a group of photos in the Photos app simply swipe the images.

The new app interface Podcasts

The Podcasts app in iOS 9 has received a new interface in the style of Music. The updated design of the player and a list of downloaded episodes.

The merger notification application

In Settings –> Notifications-added switch “Groups. under the program, which allows you to group alerts by application.

Quick tips on maps

In Maps, there was a section with tips. It appears on the screen, if you touch your finger to the search string.

Commenting images in the Mail

In the mail app iOS 9 appeared tool for commenting pictures. The user can leave a signature by hand, to add your own edits. To edit the image, simply hold your finger over the image and press the button Markup.

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New int Autolock “30 seconds”

Go to Settings –> General –> Autolock and you will see a new option – 30 seconds.

Disable all types of vibrations

Apple added in iOS 9 switch for all types of vibration. The toggle switch is placed in a separate section “Vibration” section of the “Universal access”.

The enlarged characters on the keyboard

In the Keyboard section of the main settings iOS 9 has a new toggle to Enable viewing of the symbols. It can be used to enable or disable the preview of characters in the form of small pop-up window at the moment of pressing buttons.

New location for “Full site”

The activation function of the desktop version of the site in a standard browser Safari moved into the category of “Share”. It was located in the pop-up window underneath the address bar of the browser.

Rounded buttons

In iOS 9 Apple designers have changed the design of the buttons – they got rounded corners.

New standard widget with battery status

In iOS 9 is enabled by default Battery widget that shows the battery level of the mobile device and coupled with it the Apple Watch.

Calls and sending messages from the search

iOS 9 allows to call and send short messages from the search results.

To disable the “Shake to undo”

If you often shake your iPhone accidentally iOS 9 gives you the ability to disable the “Shake to undo” to avoid warnings. The option is in the Universal access panel.

New voices for the function of speaking

Apple has provided an opportunity to choose the voice for the function to use in iOS 9. Available in Russian language Milena (default) and Milena.

Updated voice control

If you don’t use Siri or you have an old gadget you can access the voice control by holding the Home key for a few seconds. In iOS 9 voice control has received a new interface and tooltips available commands.

Group action in the mail

Now the mail app allows you to perform bulk actions in the mail: mark, move, and delete.

Settings videos

Go to Settings –> Photos & Camera and scroll down. In the bottom of the screen added a section on the quality settings of the video.

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Horizontal mode of application Health

In iOS 9 the Health app has got a horizontal mode of operation. Enough to turn the smartphone sideways to see more information.

Sexual activity in the Health app

iOS 9 can monitor the frequency and quality of sexual contacts of the owner of the gadget. The function, which is called “Sexual activity”, included in the Health app.

Personalized Safari reader mode

Reader mode in Safari you can now customizable – choose the background color and change the font in the article. To view this mode need to open any article and click on the icon with the image of the book, and then with the letters aA.

Protection Safari saved passwords with Touch ID

Open Settings –> Safari and go to the Passwords that protect access to the data. If you have enabled Touch ID, the system will prompt you to authorize protection of the stored passwords with the fingerprint scanner.

Data loading in Safari from iCloud Drive

Safari now allows you to upload data to the Network cloud service.

The new interface dictation

Click on the dictation button on the keyboard to see a new panel with a sound wave.

Video recording applications

Function ReplayKit will allow one button to start recording what’s happening on the screen of a smartphone and tablet with iOS 9. Thus, you can create the video gaming process and also testing any application. After recording the video can be sent as in the social network and on different hostings.

New staff application

In iOS 9 comes preinstalled with three applications that were previously offered optional. Including Find my Friends, Find my iPhone and iCloud Drive.

The function of predictive typing in Russian

In iOS 9 Apple Russified function of predictive typing. It is implemented in the form of a special panel of the tips located above the keyboard block iPhone and iPad.

Diverting calls without being connected to the same Wi-Fi network

In iOS 9 feature Continuity with new opportunities. Now users of iPhone, iPad and Mac can transfer calls within the same Wi-Fi network, but using a cellular connection.

Contact photos in Messages on iPhone

Previously, this feature was available only on the iPhone 6 Plus. With the release of iOS 9 the Message app on all smartphones shows user avatars.

Quick responses for all applications

In iOS 9 the developers of messaging applications can use the quick replies, allowing you to reply to messages via banner notifications.

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