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4-year-old child saved the mother with Siri

The functionality of mobile devices when using voice assistants is increasing and opens to the user a whole range of new possibilities. The technology Siri is based on artificial intelligence, acts and manageable Handbook, and all-knowing guide, and intelligent Secretary. How to convince a resident of the UK, Siri not only entertains and simplifies the use of Apple devices, but even saves lives.

A resident of the district Kenley, London suffers from a dangerous disease: it can faint. She has a 4-year-old son Roman, who learned how to use Siri.

Once the woman lost consciousness and could not recover. Roman, knowing that his mother needed help, took her iPhone, put a finger to the fingerprint scanner lying without the creation of women and launched voice assistant Siri.

The child is asked to help telephone and voice assistant called the emergency services by dialling 999. The boy said that his mom is dying because “she closed her eyes and not breathing”. The police arrived after 13 minutes saved the British.

The Novel has a younger twin brother and at this time he was at home.

“This case shows how important it is to teach young children to know their home address and how to call the police and the rescue service in emergency situations”, – said the police.

This is not the first case where Siri saves the life of users. In the beginning, there was the incident with the cyclist, Andrew Jo, known for his risky stunts on mountain bikes. The athlete became ill, he started to go numb limbs, and soon he was paralyzed. Jo fell to the floor, but he helped voice assistant Siri in its iPhone. In 2015, Siri saved the life of 18-year-old repairman, who fell the truck in the garage, holding both hands.

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