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4 most similar and useless text that is out about iPhone every year

Paul Gorodnitsky strongly recommends: do not click on those headlines.

Every fall, Apple introduced a new iPhone, and every autumn the journalists earn clicks on useless news and posts. There is nothing to be ashamed of, but I have prepared a small guide for those who want to think a head and save time.

Below are 4 worthless title that you want to just run eyes and scroll on.

1. The cost of a new iPhone was 333 dollar

Here’s what to do with this information?

She has only two uses: either to clog your brain with unnecessary statistics or to please the stupid fans of Xiaomi, which, of course, I would say that Apple fans once again deceived and parted with the money.

While nobody has ever calculated the cost of Xiaomi smartphones – some Redmi probably the strength gained would be $ 100.

It is obvious that information about the cost of the iPhone – not even a curious fact, and basic garbage.

Where the costs of transportation, Assembly, advertising and all that? Without them, the news is totally useless. Flick as fast as possible.

2. Some noname-the Director shot the film entirely on the new iPhone

Also gray infopovod.

First, go to Google – seriously, rezhisserskie for six years in a row sawing his movie on the iPhone.

Secondly, this news is not surprising, shocking or extraordinary – all know that iPhone good camera, which is enough to remove budget film.

And third, 99% of movies are recorded entirely on the iPhone beznadegnaia slag, which is impossible to watch. Yeah, I tried a couple of years ago, but do not repeat my mistakes.
This is pure marketing: first remove any rubbish, then proudly say that the film made on iPhone and then get into news reports.

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The eternal shame of such Directors Hypogeum.

3. iPhone went through the crash test and drop test, and it burned

I don’t understand why this genre is not dying: it has long been known that absolutely any iPhone can smash if you want to.

What a joy to see how gadgets are thrown from different heights, moving truck, or shoot a machine gun? It is important to understand that every fall is a special case. So the crash test and has no practical load – it is impossible to determine a solid case or not.

“It would be better given iPhone me,” I thought at school. “It would be better given to the poor children and gave them emotions for life”, thought I at the University.

“What idiots” – I think now, despising the major vlogery, which for five years did not have enough imagination to come up with a new section.

4. The new iPhone is the most powerful in the test from AnTuTu

What a joy. No classes prazdnoe than run the smartphone through a benchmark test, because in 2017, all the flagships out there look more or less decent. You should begin not from “parrots”, but from personal experiences. No lag interface? Quickly run heavy apps? Does not heat up if the body?

Moreover, the situation repeats from year to year: the current iPhone is steadily tearing in the benchmark tests even the most elite of Android-gadgets. Any sensations.

And two headers that should not be taken seriously

1. “Marriage in the new iPhone: dozens of complaints about the screen/casing/camera/speaker” – if you click on the link, it appears that the authors of “dozens of complaints” – 20-30 people.

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Humble: to generate clicks on marriage Apple is very simple – the strain does not need. But if a little closer to examine the issue, it appears that the percentage of defects in the iPhone several times lower than in the same Google Pixel. This is despite the fact that the scale of production are incomparable, and Apple is always much more likely to screw it up.

2. “The battery in the new iPhone keeps on 12 minutes longer than the old battery” – after clicking it turns out that iPhone test either in the greenhouse conditions (video at maximum brightness), or in the standby mode (charge, took charge, left lying), or in a personal mode, and it is for everybody.

Therefore, to draw any serious conclusions not: yet did not try, do not understand, how many actually can accommodate the iPhone from a single charge.

For instance, I have discharged the iPhone 7 Plus 6 hours, but it is an indicator of my dependence on smartphone, not a fact indicative of a bad battery.

So be careful and don’t trust bad news.

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