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4 functions that are not needed in Apple Watch 2

After the appearance of rumors about the upcoming presentation of the second generation Apple Watch, the network appeared many publications on the functions, which will be equipped with new modification smart hours from Apple. The portal Cult of Mac went the other way and suggested to consider the four functions that are not exactly useful for the future owners of the Apple Watch 2.

FaceTime Camera

Despite the fact that this is one of the most anticipated updates, the author does not see the point in getting a camera for video calls. Perhaps the idea is to transform the smart watch is a cool gadget based on the science fiction comic strip Dick Tracy.

If we focus on the ability to remotely control the iPhone camera with Apple Watch actually useful, but that doesn’t mean that in a watch need your own lens. Of other people annoying when someone calls using the watch, so you can predict their reaction to the presence of a small camera on your hand.

If Apple decides to equip the Apple Watch 2 camera, it will be interesting to observe the result. But it is very difficult to imagine that this feature will benefit, and Apple Pay: the majority of the time we don’t have many places where it is convenient to call via FaceTime.

Round display

The rectangular shape of the first generation Apple Watch for many was a surprise, but she selected not just. This is a good form factor for viewing text and images on a small display. This does not mean that this cannot be achieved on a round screen, but the selected form is good because the device differs from most other models. But nobody will mind if the body of the Apple Watch 2 will be thinner.

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Strap with screen

Discussion of smart straps started after the recent publication of a patent application Apple. She describes in strap integrated with flexible displays and involves communication to the user using built-in LEDs (or something similar). Sounds cool, but this technology will make the already expensive straps for the Apple Watch even more.

Of course, no one would have refused a more functional straps, but there it is, for example, extra flexible battery or new sensors for diagnosis. The second option looks more realistic. As CEO Tim cook recently said that if Apple decided to certify the Apple Watch in the Commission of the American Management on control of quality of foodstuff and medicines (FDA), this would have “slowed the speed of innovation development” company. The company does not rule out the possibility of a separate device that will allow you to shoot more accurate data and enhanced biometrics of a person.

3D Touch

It’s quite a moot point, however, the author sees no sense in extending current capabilities in the new Force Touch Apple Watch. The 3D Touch display in the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus recognizes three levels of exposure: a simple tap, weak and strong pressing, while Apple understands Touch only tap and tap with force. It seems, for hours, that is enough.

Despite some cool features of 3D Touch for Apple Watch 2 their implementation is not critical. Smart watches are primarily designed for quick and simple operations. New details of the device management interface which was unusual for the first time after startup, and a pop-up menu doesn’t look the best idea for such a small screen. Unless, of course, Apple did not invent more convenient ways of using this function.

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