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4 application for macOS that are worth a try right now

The times when applications for macOS are not enough, are long gone. The Mac App Store is filled with a variety of programs for the solution of any tasks. Edition MacDigger chose 4 apps that are worth a try right now.

All 4 applications are not brand new. However, they work perfectly with macOS High Sierra and adapted to the system.


Caffeine acts on the MacBook as well as caffeine per person — it helps not to sleep. The program prevents the computer switches to sleep mode, turns off auto-run screen saver or screen dimming. However, the application consumes sufficient resources and is not conducive to energy conservation. So the creators recommend to use it only when necessary.

However, the user is better to change the energy saver settings, if it requires a constantly active MacBook.

The application is free.


Pixelmator — the best photo editor that will help you to resize, crop, and edit photos. Perfect for retouching photos and creating digital images. Supports the CMYK color space. The program interface is simple and intuitive.

The price is 29.99 dollars.

Giphy Capture

Giphy Capture — a free app to create GIF images from any video. Allows you to configure frames to gifs.

The Unarchiver

The Unarchiver — free app to open zipped files. Supports many formats: RAR, Stuffit, 7-Zip, ARC, Tar and others. Runs in the background as a built-in utility. Displays the file names correctly, regardless of, whether the name is written in the Latin alphabet or another alphabet.

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